Sunday, October 18, 2009

discussion Format: Is Truth or Nontruth better?Discussion Forum

from the offices of Lady Di (guess that's what they wanted but I aint dead yet yeti!)

Is truth, or non-truth better? How would we know? Would you know for certain if truth is better than non-truth if either or exists? Is truth a fallacy? Is non-truth the enemy? These burning questions evoke a wide range of responses. In my opinion truth is probably as wide ranging as the ocean or multiverses. Maybe at one time there was a definitive truth, and maybe we missed the mark. Let's face it. There is an awful lot of vacant space in our brains and genes to simply say "we are living the truth".If we are not living the truth but a lie really living a lie? How would we know the difference? Intuitively? Factal? Partial? To be most ever short story etc here. Hey if you want the completed manuscripts from Jane Jones copyright...please ask. I want a book deal, see..

How to live the truth? How would we know? If we were living the truth certain things should happen.

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