Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mad Men's World or Cold War Leftovers?

Mock up
Build up
Arms race is on
my arms are weak
like corrugated boxes
like corrugated steel
you stole my heart
cracked the mirror'd code
lit up the night
like a flash in the pan
left me for dead
at the doorway to eternity
in this final hour
the cards come crashing down
girl go to town
ruby dont come home
you got pancake makeup now
mirror, mirror
cracked on the wall
who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe
or Baby Jane?

No truce
no detente
only quiet riots
chaos in the home zone
score: zero
zero is no more

cold war soup
left overs
cold comfort
spanish flu knew
how to cut it on the dance floor
with a curly tail
oink oink oink
in the oinkment
piggy wig gig
with a touch
of mocktails
Memories of l918
the shattered nucleus
held captive
by the crazy glue
unravelling now
for the first time
i felt the truth
you never really loved me
it said on the joke card
i just read today
just opened
from years ago
let it go child
let it go

jj 29 11 09

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