Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mocking Lady Bird Rant

Disaster Relief
Red Cross Helped!
You left me years ago
by the side of the road
the Wayside Inn
the Stork Club
Yesteryear Memories
of Wonderland

the only thing
you're good at
Annie Hill Lation
a destroyed nation
came down like Troy
excepted gifts
thought were fraught with good
not fraught with fought and fend off

A fitting tome
Mocking Bird mock "No more" to quote
no more soothsayers
always now naysayers
where'd ya get that mind
at the revenge counter of kresges?
Woolco, Kmart or Walmart?
Maybe Zellers

Hell bent your heart sinked so low
lower than zink
"Put that in the zink"
Grannie Ryan would say to me
You're bound to that bondsman game
you're hell bent on destruction
you're way not the Holy Grail
not the Holy Tail
not the Holy Crap
Disaster becomes you

Why did you lie to me?
Mock me mercilessly?
Left me for the emotionally dead
(body to follow later)
Lead me on like zink sinking
through the hole in our boat
shipwrecked from the start
no where to go
you lied to me
you did
you have another agenda
for this one time great
Leading Lady

Why the Phoney Greeting Card smile?
why make like
All's Well
That End's Well
At least in my sink
When it doesnt end well
those mock cocktails
you created at the bar
cast dispersions
on the wall
telling me
who am i
without you
towing the party line?
better resurect that Comtempra Phone tm
because that phone meant more to you
than i did
this i knew
from knowing
you didnt collect me
you let me freeze away
like Chia Obama head
frozen faced like Gordon Lightfoot
some bell's palsy set in
now i cant speak my grief or say my peace

now all your wives left you
pretty cockerbelles all in a row
your harem girls
who wear no protection from
games people play
when politics is the dick
sworn not to swear
the invisible clik
this chick flick can attest
you left my life a mess
by never really believing in me
for what purpose
mocking the mock turtle soup
that created concotion
that helped me hang on
as I removed
the invisible bhurkhas
as I removed myself
from the party
glastnos cold war party
moscow pole dancers
looked better to you
than my truthful ked soiled past
understand that silent sneaker
HP Sauce

what will it take to get you back
to my way of thinking
you're not you
who took you
mind soul and sneaker
who took you
to look away
back to a past lagoon
i never knew
(How could I know)
only that old bust
of a friend
in a cold cellar
gave me a clue
you had a life before me
what was I to you?
minced meat or
a plastered bastardo?

kissin cousin
As you mocked me
behind my back
you power players all
you're power house is soon
to fall
held back the pack of lies
evenly built
so it seemed
deceptively so
to come crashing down around
as you removed me from your deck

so the house caved
you wanted an answer
you buzzed my brain
you really wanted
Hans Christian King
or Zeigfeld and Roy
before the cat chew
ne'er knew
dont play with Circe fire
or tigers tales
big conglomerate
constructivists game
good old boys gain
my removal
the first stone
the empire

Not necessarily so
you still have time
to repent and mean it
dont be mean
or snarky
or sharky
but you only know how to do those things
to me
You hate "Madmen"?
Because that show
shows to much of the real you
the you became when you
put the hippy to bed
and became a yes man
for the corporate greed
who wont share a dime
or give to
my charity
"Disaster Relief"
you left me
a disaster
clean up the mess!

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