Monday, October 26, 2009

CRY Freedom TRY Love

inducted individuals incorporate

lovers dont discriminate
never eliminate once found
those they hold close to love
nor fired engines stalward bound
to do so
would have
dire consequences
for earth's inertia
needing constance momentum
portia's second cousin once removed
placement established circa
before known time

makes me proud to say today
you're hired
part of the King's Court
subjects newly desired
New Physica's Crown
Earth's new Sun King
wings waxed and waiting
flapping on honey suckled breezes
to ascents descent

Transducer's sly sedative seduction
Mechanism for complete control
All blend chem
one energy formula
heaped to the rafters
love craft's art
copious amounts of
fiery wind
updraft to the sky corp
which cools like a pool of
minted wintergreen
refreshingly pleasing
to god's scented nostrils

make a welcomed suggestion
free flow or stop gag
choose wisdom
not arrogant
not ignorant
not contrived for education's premium
to host the most bravura
as like toast we become
another pleasing scent
rather like roast beef

Choose the Moose
whose loose'd pajama's
are a telling tale
Nanabush Noah country comedy
all about flow
of romance
of love
of songs
lover's bring to the table
an overflow of love
no need to hold back
the rush of flush
at that Holy feast day
the prerequisite to life
our old souls
knowing no bounds
when nature recaptures
the captive
rather than enslavement
Know yea, know yea
from my hole in the ground
to stop the fray
of decay
and purpulent boils
of Universal atrophy
the rememdy?
Bring forth more
multiply the love
tenfold or more
fold in a few more
shake it down
the overflow
spread around
and let it go
let it go child
let it go

jj 26 10 09

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