Monday, October 19, 2009

Blurbs: Quik Summaries; How Novel!

Here are some blurbs for new novels (dont forget the Odyssey was a novel). Blurbs must be short, sweet and inpact the potential audience with a grab and go want for a feeding frenzy. Are you up to the task? Good luck! Let me read some of your blurbs (whether or not you have actually completed or even started a novel). This is a good practice in how to attract the public to any potential novel you may make. You do want to get rich quick don't you? :) This reminds me of the Title Generators I came across on a web referral on a writers' chat room I had visited a few years ago. Holding my breathe; here goes!

A young woman with a far away look in her eyes seeks a brighter tomorrow; With her new love and promises of continued blissful happiness; Jessica believes in new beginnings. As bells ring through the corridors of her new life in New York; she is now engaged to Matthew Gardner, one of the richest industrialist in upper New York state. Adjusting to her much refined present; Jessica feels lonely as she tries to forget memories of Jeremy Scott; her childhood soulmate. As she turned her back on the bitter past fate had other things in store. An overflow of emotion causes Jessica an inability to function in her new life, until one bright fall day when her old boyfriend arrives in New York. Would Jessica leave her new life to rejoin her one true love or turn her back on her past?


The Venetian landscape did not appear at all like the recently digitized visual simulations. Nasa's Ben Talone had been trying to understand the unique planet for half of his fifty years. As the planet glowed each morning on the eastern horizon, Ben had been noting serious changes in the planet. Venus' orbit was intersecting earth's orbit. Within the next ten years, Venus would be colliding with the earth. Ben could not understand why other NASA scientists were not publishing this clearly logical computational analysis. The "ban publication" on Ben's theories were not the first. Other astrophysicist who had spoken out were mysteriously dying or disappearing as if they had just dropped from the planet. Could Ben rally an underground group of renegade scientists to save the planet earth on time? Would NASA expose the culprits who's game was holding hostage the earth's citizens?


Tex McGee had all the looks and charms of a postcard cowboy. His passion was horses, doggies and ladies; not necessarily in that order. Tex only wanted a simple life. It wasn't long before Tex met Mattie Renfrew a big city gal with a smile as big as Texas. Tex melted when he met her but realized he have to give up roping to rope in the wild Miss Mattie. Tex McGee had a lot of competition in Dillon LeFavre; the owner of Triple W Ranch; the largest longhorn dude ranch in northwest Texas. Tex had a plan which would make him Mattie's chick magnet. If jealousy didnt work, what else would thought the muscled Tex. The only problem; the trouble with too many women at the wrong time and the wrong place to make his "little" plan work!


The lost Mayan tablets had been located in the back of the Royal Ontario Museum only recently. After professor Reigar died last year, he passed on his lengthy notes to his daughter Tanya. Her doctorate was almost complete when she came across the lost Mayan texts. Publishing too soon, Tanya had unearthed not only the texts but a bitter rivalry from top University brass. Worried that not only her doctorate was in danger of being lost due to university politics, Tanya was worried about the lost earth now unearthed and diciphered by the wonder girl anthropologist. Trips to Guatemala where Tanya was kidnapped and nearly met the same fate as many of her previous Mayan ancestors. Realizing her father had forgot to mention the unique cartiches of the Mayan heiroglyphics Tanya uncovered a new and unique language and story of the earth's earliest beginnings and soon to be universal metamorphoses. Could Tanya make earth's citizens aware of the secret worlds to come in time for graduation and her new thesis publication?

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