Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Canada and Thank-you!

Today I make turkey! Well it was already made by the Creator for my protein requirements. The 10 vital amino acids I think I like the Tryptophan one the best.

Turkey has a lot of the trypt in it. Maybe a nice Jack's Jungle Juice Ice wine to go along to balance the white meat. Maybe Dan Akyroyd's in Niagara Falls could provide in the future the aperitif

To begin with I slept (some say schlept) in til 7:00 am. Exactly I awoke at 6:30 am. The scanner mode came into function today, not having to wake up on the hour to see if all are not frozen in their sleep. So it works! I did something right! I figured out the furnace's timer!

As I awoke I realize what this day will entail for me (pardon the pun). It means I must think "dinner" all day. Peel carrots and cook early because someone in the house (in da house) like mushy carrots. Not a biggy, just needs a plan

The first thing I do usually when I wake up is stretch, howe'er, I have in my room piled high with loaded with stuff suitcases. They were removed from the galley by my designer boy because he wanted it neat-freak for his gf. Not a biggy, I just get squished a bit more, thus the waking up early I think.

So after I crawl over the bed because I can't get up on the suitcased side, I tiptoe to the kitchen to make coffee. Before I do much else I go for the gogo juice. Usually plain juice and water after that. This is to quicken my step and lighted the load. I dont know what is happening but if I just consume coffee first thing, my body will treat me not so nice (more on this later)

I noticed today, someone let the tap drip with the stopper in. Yes, you guessed it. A bit of a flood. This is the joy of B&B for the fan damn a lee. A bit of a couple "surprises" along the way. Always a joy. I can't complain.

After the clean-up I get the animals food, they were outside last evening, wouldn't come in. So the foundlings got to come in and warm up and basically disastersize the place in the process. Kabang, oh they knocked over a cup and it crashed, clean that up too. And another bowl of mini-tomatoes from my garden sunny to ripen in a plexiglass dish my daughter made. Not a biggy, I'll get it! Shhhhh the guests are still sleeping, although maybe not now.

As I feed the dog, I realize I have to let him O-U-T. Animals have funny way of showing their emotions, happy and sad. Cats were protesting, the two dishes knocked off the counter where they enjoy peace from the dog's prying nose. Usually I dont do this. It is thanksgiving Sunday and I feel I should be thankful for something. Maybe writing a piece on thankfulness will envoke the muse of all things I take for granted but know in the back of the fridge that I need to BF them and recall how very important all things, past memories being one of them, I am thankful.

Especially thankful to those very kind people along the way. You know you are one of them? For you I am very thankful. Eternally thankfully yours in mind spirit body. You are my raison d'etre. Reason to be. Reason. I like that word and am so thankful for you and the reason you love me. You do love me, don't you? No matter, I am still thankful, because just being here reading this make me think...maybe you do love me in some odd way. There must be many ways of showing love of which I am thankful; some not obvious.

This is where I can only say a sensitive thank-you. I know you are sending out good loving vibes. I feel them, they positively impact my world, making it vibrant, more real, more HD, more there. I do believe in these energies of the spirit, soul, mind and body. You behind the screen, you know I am talking to you, the forth wall. You complete me in ways you may not realize. As a work in progress, there are a series of mini-completion, and hopefully, a big bang completion. This I will explain later.

I do believe in tender mercy, in kindnesses of strangers, known and unknown. Only strangers once? On some levels yes, and then, depending if a person wants to really communicate in an open and honest fashion (which unfortunately is so rare today) then, yes, we are only strangers, once. I have to admit, I don't like the word stranger, but due to the nature of man, this is object is not subjected to being a subject until thus decreed a subject by me, made in some way into a formulation of a construct; and voila; no stranger, a person!

So to all of them, without an individualization yet, without an "I got your number", I would like to say thank-you. For as you read my writing on my blog you must be thinking something, maybe I tweaked something in you that was dormant, doormatted or fragmentalized for so long and then the happening moment of realization; when you jaw drops, time stands still and you say OMG. These are the moments I am thankful for, the realization moments, the "ah-ha" I get it! moments, Eukeka! moments! Ideas whose time has come moments. When the moment comes to my feet moments. When, the hill doesnt look so high moments. When the hill looks high and serene and untouchable but I can still sense that, even though I may never touch your body again to hug to hold to say how much I love you. I am so thankful for you, in the past, present and future.

There is no time only barriers which I can remove, I like removing, so please forgive my sight if it appears more Under Construction than Complete. Nothing is finished until it is finished so to speak. I still feel things moving on so I guess it will never really be finished. I just appears finished so we can compartmentalize segments in this never-ending continum.

"I like to write" about invisible things,display the underneath construction to the curtain, show below, above and around the veil. If we are to arrive at, hopefully, and thankfully, the Truth, we will have to know how all these building blocks go together; what kind of ceiling wax, what kind of glue.

So please show all of you then, to me, to them, the invisible you. You exists, and I exist with you and there are lines connecting us, and these lines mean something, and it means I was meant to be connected to you, or I never would have been in the first place, unless, by some scrambled egg theory, you and I just became an item because of accident. Well let me tell you, I am very thankful for that accident, and I tell you, I believe there is no such thing as coincidence as well, THINGS are made to happen, are meant to be, there is reason to all this. Even if me, you or them do not see the reason, yet. Reason? How logical is chaos you ask. You really don't think I am THAT chaotic? That illogical, that irrational, unreasonable to not be your friend? Well, you have a point, but hold on, have faith. I am thankful for your faith in me, to become, better than from what I am, better than the past, greater than the future. The now being greatest, the pivotal moment of all these amazing energies of the Universe (or Multiversity of Jane) coming together creating You and Me. Here Now. Oh that's a big turn on switch! THANK-YOU THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!!!

aND beyond where we drop off and something new continues; I am thankful for renewal of the human spirit! So thankful all that we have tried to be for so long can be, will be allowed to become, by the will of our souls, by the will of the love energy that we are, to invade all the spaces, to create these loving worlds we ARE MEANT TO INHABIT. We have the tools, now how to make the product LOVELAND. That isnt what you think. LOVELAND isnt another MJ product placement here. What it is is BIGGER THAN LIFE. You or me cannot stop the inevitable. All strive for this. It is bound to happen. Just dont want to turn on ITC and see some Friday night tacky version of it. There is so much more than or sterotypical views. We need to emote more.

Why emote? Where does this happen when the logic side of things has outweighed the emote side for so long. Again I am not talking the sterotypical emoticons. Those smiley faces with no real feeling. Just stereotypical adjuncts that really add junk in the trunk as I scarf down another bag of Doritos sitting at the computer. I mean, really, real feelings. The kind that you felt when you were left along to long in the crib. Crying for attention and getting not enough. Maybe this is beyond my area of expertise. I have only read a couple of primal therapy books (Primal Scream by Arthur Janov) and this dreams decades old now may not really be what I can do. So why do I keep going back to the need for emotional intelligence? Because it is there. We must find that real place of harmony, not some less than completed kind. This is the journey. This is the four crows in the nest today. Let's work on it. Don't be afraid. Be thankful I have found you. To put all that is lost back in its place. To find comfort there that "passes all understanding"; Love Supreme.

Heavy. For a Sunday. Not really. Prayer time. Thought I hadn't offered enough thanks lately. Been moping around saying oh if "only this were like that, if only that were like this" I would be "this or I would be that" I would have all I need and I would be whole. I would never have to search again. Life isnt like this. There is a never-ending quest/search/journey and it keeps going on and on, and as far as what is rumoured to be out there lately; no closed doors.
Isn't this amazing? There are ways around the stop. There IS no stop!

Well at least for today. I have to get the turkey on!
Turkey ON!!!

Thank-you! Thank-you for your love. I LOVE you too!!!


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