Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mag 114 Earth's Mule-Kicking Mother; Joan D'Ache

image by Alex Stoddard
Earth's Mule-Kicking Mother; Joan D'Ache
You've got me covered girl
in your vast array
of gin-rummy games
what's up doc?
thought you could drown me
catch as catch can
take a ride on my seesaw bike
bribe me with attention; divert your eyes
this multi-national psuedo- multi-dimensional diversion
so diverse as to store tons of manure there
as well as all of this heresy of meaning unknown
but mean as shit were the times to keep you locked up
for praising the name
well-stocked earthen vessel
we will ride for free
she countered
sense how already-mixed up
the upside down cake
adipose tissue setting in by sunset is creepy
when smacking of facts
these lied were soaking like a log for this long
Soap Mummy~!
Limp as a rag doll
Playing dead to live
she, an ancient art form survivor
took her position to the play of favourites
had she the notion to play house too
she said
she would have
she gave up on that
locked in this cage of dreams
she called her gaelor monster
Come See Me in The
The Chinese Water Torture Cell
An Act in Two Parts
Part One: Life
Part Two: Death
I'll be loosed by summer
which is only in a minute to this world
I'm a snake woman goddess
stuck in a snakepit life
the forest provided diversion
her clouded eyes smiled from her watery grave
she would cry
stillborn by watery sac
same backbone
some missing teeth
slinking slithering
she so sure almost surly
she snaked 'round
she kissed keys in Algiers
hidden treasure
until found by serendipity
she had slipped the knot of her locks
surly she'd been since birth
of all that bound her like a bird
angered her
and like sinew, she eschewed her sorry lot
around her neck she keyed-in her data entry
suddenly a automatic mule kick
her status left from oblivion
thinking it was he all along
thoroughly disguisted and through with him
the glass ceiling suddenly broke
gave way to the girls in pink
those haves and have-nots
she always could pick any lock
by and by
she always did
maybe he mistook her for a drunken doctor's daughter
and she thought it took
a master heart disaster decoder
a slight of hand magician's trick
to slowly flow the stop watch
she was transfixed by his transfiguration
eyes on him once more
now that she's finally freed
she wears a killer smile
a mile wide hole
they said
as the adipose reposes awhile
stayed clenched-fisted
beneath the cedars lined walls of your Titanic
radar informed me you made it in the nick of time
come home child
you were just missing never missed
she said
too soon to
come back to life
Happy Earth Day Mother Earth Gaia...Respect Earth: We are her children and she, our Mule Kicking Mother~
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  2. Gday J- Squared, Ancient Art Form Survivor, snake goddess of Finnegans wake, there is no doubt you are really "there"!.
    By the way i think your link is broke from the Mag, i had to take the long way .

  3. thanks Kutamun~! I re-linked...the photo looks an awful lot like someone I that I but on my't be...