Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny Essay on Euthanasia

Thank-you for this Composium on Senectitude (is

that near Schenectady, New York?)this cold December

morning's philosophic condundrum needs a jumpstart. Should

we our shouldn't we "legally" kill another for mercy's


The debate is complex and mind-boggling, but I will offer

my "three-cents (thank you Carol for the extra penny).

Composing myself which is entirely set upon emotionality

and memories of personal experience on this said subject

matter is difficult, to say the least.

Set on "repose mode" in regards to this very "touchy" and

sensitive subject matter, I will attempt to preponder

without prejudice the jurisprudence of said subject matter.


After reading the header, I was taken much aback; "No,

Wings, don't do it", whatever "it" "is"? Not what I think

"it" "is", I hope!

After reading the Wings article and after much jaw

clenching, stomach churning, and stiffness in the

transcarpal area, hands, whitened from numbness and shocked

from the shock of the new ideas on Euthanasia

(is that in Asia?)Wings has indeed launched his "thousand

ships". All may partake and taste the bitter sting upon the

tongue of the ancient hemlock remedies and the modern OD

methods employed daily in hospitals near you of this so

called "mercy killing" for "mercy's sake".

At this conjuncture, I am reminded of Portia's Mercy Speech

in Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice";

The Quality of Mercy is not strained,
It droppeth from Heaven
Upon the Place

Which begs to question the immortal bard's scolding

philosophy of the earth being a "less than perfect place

upon which to dwell".

We are not angels, nor devils, but must, at time, make

decision where only "angels dare tread" and where "only

God" should administer swift justice. How to equalize the

unequal scale of justice, be it man's or God's?. To Mercy

Kill or Not to Mercy Kill that IS the question! (from

Hamlet here folks and paraphrased for convenience and much

leniency, forgive me Bard!).

After all, age will creep into all our lives eventually,

enslaving man to the cold, cold grave. Not something we

ever want to think about, well, not unless we are in any

kind of mood, or wax "Poe"etic? To attempt to answer the

age old problem; "can granny be done in legally" is fraught

with legal and moral issues too numerous to divulge here,

at this time. Lectures to follow.

After systematically wringing out rheumatic knuckles this

morning and giving a huge stretch of rebirth kundalini

forces in the lower spine, I am now suppine and able to

write succinctly about the "stinking mess of Euthanasia


To take upon me this mantel of unresolved angst and pain

for many facing life and death issues is a burden deep. For

we are really discussing human life, dignity and the

meaning of life, and which qualities found in the human

experience which we value enough to keep alive "another


For all caregivers,those on death's door and family and

friends, I do not believe the Euthanasia issue will ever be

or should be easily dispensed. It is one of those deeply

entrenched moral issues, like abortion, which do not sit

well at the tea table.
Wings, your thesis, I take it, is aligned with the

fencesitter mugwump. This certainly not Wings witnessed in

other essays. Certainly, I sense you favour, at least for

yourself, "Please Ressucitate At All Costs" rather than "Do

Not Resusiciate At All Or I Will Kill You At All Costs"?

Wings, please tell me bluntly, are ye "for" or "again'"

Mercy Killing? For some is just not good enough, we all are

equal, under the law, and must arrive at the conclusion

that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Correct me if I have shot in the dark on this issue.

Back to the behemoth of an issue, Mercy Killing; the ease

of compartment with the dispensing of this "issue" once and

for all is this; A Living Will. If people would only

remember to go to a lawyer to fill out the necessary

paperwork, much grief would be alleviated, once and for

all. Without a Living Will, individuals and their families

must waiver in the wind, without truly feeling that the

individuals right to their own life was properly

adminstered, thereby the nagging "doubt" will always be

illicited and contort the human soul to much turmoil.

The Nations have no right in our collective bedrooms, they

should get out of the death game too. This is an individual

matter and should be treated thusly.

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