Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blue Aliens

Dear Miriam: This sounds very interesting! I too have had similar experiences. I think the blue energy aliens are different matter than us and they are able to shapeshift. My husband saw 4 angels (archangels) outside his window. What does this mean? If they are warning us, and have that much power, why dont they change things. Do they feel empathetic or are they cold replitian types. The Blues I heard are transemotive and respond in extremely sensitive ways. There energy is difficult to exist on this plane. Perhaps they need another element not found here. The movie with Martin Sheen from a few years back (90's) was very interesting. About area 51 and the blue aliens that crashed there. Apparently one lived for awhile but could not exist for long. They had a blue glow around them. What is this blue glow? What kind of element. We are finding new elements all the time, just like dark matter which is now supposedly circling galaxies. I think they could communicate but they are on a much more intense level of existence where magnetics is used in various ways to make life much easier for them. They probably enter in and out of our world here very quickly and may have a higher energy of some sort. I have other evidence of these odd time travelling aliens which take light form. Theycome into our world a key times as if they have been here before in another dimension? Please email me if you would like me to discuss more details about the light beings. Maybe they will stop disaster before it is played out and they will change our very destiny before it happens! Your friend in truth, Jane Jones Canadahttp://www.alienbluestar.com/thankyou.htmlI want to thank you for contacting me. I am currently experiencing a
high volume of emails. It may take me some time to respond to your
comments. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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