Friday, December 26, 2008

Roy M's Christmas Fiasco

Westgreat steals my Christmas with my daughter.Share
Monday, December 22, 2008 at 10:57pm
I usually like to fly Westjet. They did a lot right and a

few key things wrong. We had a great agent when we took off

from Vancouver, who booked us seats with lots of leg room

in an exit row. The plane was 3 hours late out of

Vancouver, as we had lots of snow. Vancouver only has 1 ice

de-icing truck. After de-icing they closed both runways

down for snow clearing. After a wait we finally took off.

The Westjet staff were their usual attentive staff I have

always appreciated. We landed in Toronto at 10:30 p.m.

several hours late. Our connecting plane was grounded as

Halifax weather had shut them down. We went to baggage

claim 4 as directed. After a 45 minute wait, someone

discovered that not all of our luggage was at carousel 4.

We finally found our luggage in another room beside

carousel 2. No staff was aware of this, nor directed us. We

then headed up to the departures area to find the next

available flight. After another 30 minute wait we found

ourselves at the booking agent's desk. She informed us that

we would be reassigned flights and contacted the next day.

We confirmed that she had the correct contact number and

discovered she did not. She had to ask for assistance to do

it from another employee. Unfortunately this is where the

train came off the tracks. She did not do it correctly. We

were given food and accommodation vouchers and were

directed to ground transportation. After another half hour

wait we finally caught a ride to the hotel where another 45

minute line up awaited us. Fortunately we were in line with

a bunch of East Coasters who have to be the most patient

good natured Canadians I have ever met. We finally had a

room and managed to order a pizza, just making the 2:00

a.m. closing. We tried calling Westjet several times and

were not able to get through. We called again all morning

and still didn't get through. As the agent the night before

said that there was no point to go down earlier, we finally

went back to the airport at around 12:00 p.m. After a 2

hour wait in line, we were finally culled out of the line

to go to an agent who was able to issue food and

accommodation vouchers. We were still not given any

information on next available flights. We kept calling all

day and still were not able to get through on the toll free

line. Finally at about 6:00 p.m. we finally reached an

agent that said that we were booked on a 7:30 p.m. flight.

We had not received a call to inform us of this. We did a

mad rush back to the airport and arrived at 6:30. It took

about 10 minutes of urgent insistance to finally talk to an

agent, only to discover that we were past the 6:30 booking

time. This agent was incredibly helpful and did everything

she could within her power to find us a flight to link up

before Christmas. I have to mention that my daughter is

alone and going to school in Halifax. We have not spent a

Christmas together in years. Shelley my partner was looking

forward to spending Christmas with her 88 year old

grandmother. We were not able to secure a flight before

Dec.26th. We lost 2 nites accommodations, may or may not

have a rent a car when we get to Halifax, lost 2 1/2 days

pay for Alicia, Shelley and myself...We were lucky as we

were able to book some extra time as were only supposed to

stay until the 30th of December. Lesson to Westjet: Train

your staff properly, put together a contact centre capable

of handling an emergency. $250.00 credit cannot hope to

compensate for the disappointment and financial loss. I'm

not impressed! If anyone knows any high up executives at

Westjet, by all means pass along their contact information.

I would love to have a chat with them.
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AJ Kutchaw at 8:38am December 23
Couldn't have phrased things better myself. I think this

story should be posted on Ja-Len Jones at 3:22pm

December 26
Dear Roy:

This could be a sequel to Planes Trains and Automobiles -

did you swear a lot? I'd be cursing a blue streak, although

that probalbly wouldnt do any good.
Maybe Westjet needs a rubber room after they drive everyone

crazy? What an ordeal...Lord!To recoup your loses

fiscaly...go to UofB's student lawyer for free evaluation

of potential lawsuit, or publish your finding in the

editorial page.
You write extremely well Roy. Now is the hour of your

discontent, write those feelings and events down as they

happen, you'll need the notes for evidence for any lawsuit.
Good luck in the future travel plans Roy. Remember the old

adage; once bit twice shy.
After all is said and done, I bet you have learned many

hardball lessons...thank-you for informing me just in case

I go to Paris this spring with my sisters...not sure if I

want to now..J West Jet Sucks!Pray you get to visit your family this Christmas..I was watching BC on the news...the snowplows were not working? Safety first, but if this is a mechanical techno glitch due to WestJet or Airport's is not longer "Act of God" and you have a case. Airports should be prepped for snow..this IS Canada! If it ws a huge storm, everybody is delayed...GOOD LUCK ROY AND FAMIY,,HANG LOOSE!!!^.^OMG!!!Unbelievable!All you guys that got stuck should CLASS ACTION the Airport because they didnt even have SANTA at the airport, nobody...that is so not right...Christmas delayed but not the love, you are a bit of alright Roy!I truly admire your stamina perservance and determination to see your folks! Commendable!

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