Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dreams and Doors of Perception

you dream what you cannot be
you be what you can
you open the doors of perception
when you put on the costumes of another

whether through inequity or blessings
we want to journey out of our skin
or within? to a new place beckoning
with worlds which have more life in them
then sameness and dreary
mundane and stupid
non-working fields of the doledrums
non-productive, never producing results world
which insults our creative intelligence
we must overcome the word "no"
we must negate the negative
we must believe in ourselves again
we must live again(born again; a new creation)
to see the world anew
renewed by spring (yes it is) and
by a thousand promises
the flesh is ere to (sounds familiar)
We shall overcome and make our world
Ours again

Renewal comes when you are ready
The Spirit World is mysterious!
Ram Dass has knocked upon my door this a.m.
After accidentally watching a cbc documentary (how accidentally; there are no accidents) called Hoffman's Potion Enlightenment is a door or channel away
Truth is needed now more than ever
Can we find it and keep it alive forever
Yes we can!
What a flashback man!

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