Friday, December 26, 2008


hEY you're right! If more people were allowed to "feel good" about themselves and others we'd have no more war machine. Oh my god did I say something sinful? No More War? What the heck would that be like? A challenge to all to find out WHY WE WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE. What DARK PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED is inherent in MEN to WAR? To me War is a last ditch attempt to settle problems. War is a FAILURE to reach DIPLOMACY with another country. We need to reexamine WHY we have this NEED FOR WAR so ingrained in our psyches BEFORE WE ARE ALL DEAD AS DOORNAILS! We will never understand were we are headed if we dont examine our collective unconsious and the NATURE OF MAN. MAN VS MAN may be easier for us to accept that MAN vs NATURE because (maybe) MAN VS NATURE is the fact that MAN is out of control and basically MAN is a CONTROL FREAK...wanting to claim this world as his/her OWN. It isnt ours, we are really borrowing it. We have no right to kill it says in the Bible. We feel it is in self-defence, yes and no. We really are IDIOTS when we choose WAR as the only option to DIPLOMACY. LETS WORK ON THIS ONE FOLKS...IT IS KEY-CRITICAL!!!

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