Friday, December 3, 2010

Magpie#43 ~~~The Back Door Bakery

The backyard stage door stood still
like a barn door, a mouth somewhat opened and agap
just hung there becoming somewhat unhinged
a silent screen door, a silent scream
as how could things be fair for the door?
"Who will taste my master's wares?"
as all were so patiently
awaiting fresh strawberry tarts
and ingenues anticipating sweet nectarines
as tender tangerine dreams already had once
and up mr. big beer-bellys alley's
often thought a fat-man's bluff ~ not today!
as an open door all walked in through the out door
and into the rough and ready
and into the polished nd pretty
Party Time!

first at the starting gate was Mama's short-bread
all butter recipe as light as a feather
all-purpose flour rose yeastfully to the ocassion
as icing sugar shifted to a fine dust
gingerbread houses stood the test of time
with jelly-beans, gum drops and sugar plums
pasted the glazed-covered marzipan hands
candied fruitcake pans all rolled and brand new aglow

At Ann McColls the fresh-linen
glistening snow flake and diamond aprons
fresh favours, colours and scents all in a row
cake tins clang little tiny bells on every steeple and shelf
little rolled circles of rum-soaked balls
cute cookie cutters stacked
doe a deer. a snowman, a shiny stra as well as
everything that's ever been imagined at least once!

Soon the crowds pushed forward to enter
paparrazi preferred rolled cheeze panzarotti
to deep-dish pepperoni pizzas on Pisa pieplates
the Chocolate Chip Toll House Opened today
Emailed the Smell of cinnamon buns abaking
wafting on the hallowed air of the kitchen air
Say Cheesecake to die for ~ have you tried it?
five layered chocolate gateau
fresh pastry abound petite fours
crepe suzettes stuffed with lemon zest

Mrs. T's sampled fair trade squares
one a penny two a penny hot cross buns!
give me a penny youll not have any
give me a quarter you'll get mortar
give me a dollar you'll go farther!

all homemade and better than that
try one you'll cry for more
try two you'll cry for four!
try them all you'll run for the door

young faces beam bright through
steam-covered windows
children's for want ply
wanton looks for mocha covered wontons

pioneer ginger snaps slow as molasses
plum pudding stews made many months ago
in Captain January blizzards with Buddy and Shirley
cookies neatly lined up by the dozens
fresh from the oven; what a treat!
muffins baking til fully brimming
their tops suddenly burst the beam
like bulging bellies
pants five sizes too small
caused quite a frantic glance
as all were entranced at the bakery entrance

warm oatmeal and raisin cookies batter
just got to try it
what's the matter?
milk and eggs and flour
basic to fancy is pretty dandy!
make mine a double homemade batch
cookies are ready when just hot enough to touch
as we know how these cookies warm the cockles of the heart
spring-form pans burst forth as the top flipflops
upside down angel cake so top shelf

found all this food the saints edifying edibles
divinities egg-white and nice and light
ambrosia salad heaven can wait!
bring your friends and an appetite
at this time of year there's always much hype
comfort and joy strewn far and wide
with so much love grows true bliss outed bars
Nanaimo stacked to the crafted log cabin rafters
as wind swept snows swirls around ankles jingle
barefoot in the kitchen a pregnant pause that refreshes
with a fresh cinnamon bun in the oven
watching who's who at Tim Hortons?

These enticing icing is a celebratory times
four famous bakers
make merry memories in the millions
such as that which makes whatnots come to life
making chocolate bark
yule logs all lined up on parchment

so many kind of tiny cupcakes
with silver sparkles and golden apples
all ready to find a rolly-poly jolly belly
to curl up in a cozy corner with hot cocoa avec marshmallow
coke floats takes you back home to those good old days

the home fires burn with an inner warmth
stoke the fires of winter desires
as soon as the stroke of midnight appears
magical fragrant oils of
peppermint sticks in ice cream

as red wool suit waits and melts
in a pool of egg nog and nutmeg
dangling candy canes in every corner
multi-coloured seasonalcandy convections

with nuts and nutcrackers of every known kind
large wooden bowls brimming over
clickity clack clickity clack
the first prancing hooves heard on glacee slick
golden labs and licorice retrievers
lightly stroked by big white mitts
stroked and told good boy go get a tidbit

dong't mind us
we're always happily imbibing,
egg-nogged and carolling
wide-eyed, bushy-tail wagging
similarily creatures waiting to catch a glimpse
of all the goodies, far and wide I know how hard
squirrels work to pack their booty stock

apple, cherry and blueberry pies cooling nicely
on the back rack by the window neighbours drooling
as my marachino cherry floats atop blended and whipped creme
delicious toasted coconut drops browned just so
Morning scented drift says wake up and smell the fresh perked coffee

It's a new day to rise n shine
as a slow-drip brews a quickly liveliness
the loveliness of a brand new morning
Wakey Wakey
It's time for eggs and bacy!
bacon and eggs coffee and juice;

french toast and pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup
as last nights brunch it was gluttony too much a pig-out
hoping to bring a bit of a punch to those in need
as guilt builds with each charitalbe commercial
malted milks and frothy lattes may shake again
stay calm the nerves that make the desires rage

to pack a punch and drive home a drunk as a designated driver
as everyone raves so uncontrollable these seasonal cravings
this party central
as I hear someone dunk an almond biscotti
i hear the backdoor slam and cry
"why wasnt I invited?"
by the many passerbys who wandered by
fellow wanderlust of frosting and lightly dusted
Would anyone come to release
The baby it's cold outside
from the baby it's too hot inside?
The Door Bellowed watch out below
I'm coming in!



  1. I've got to find something to eat! Something sweet!

    Tantalizing Magpie!

  2. holy chocolate sprinkles....I am amazed! and just a wee bit hungry for a sweet!

  3. You just killed my attempt to avoid the sweets. Yup its is officially dead. I think a trip to a bakery is in order.

  4. Um, what's the address?

    LOL, my WV is 'guess.'

  5. Well, now I'm hungry.

    I was thinking "Jack and the Beanstalk" at first, then "Hansel & Gretel." Hehehe.

    Definitely a Fairy Tale feel to this. :)

  6. Hey, how did you know I was making shortbread?

    (btw, I saw the face in the last antler pic, right in the crook of the top horn. Scary!!!)