Saturday, September 25, 2010

~~~Magpie#34~~~This Scent of A Man

The heated atmosphere of the square
lay heavily upon her heart
she tried to avoid the crowd
his deep gaze she would deflect
but she could not
for the life of her
bound her to the ground
she could only push past the heated bodies
held together
these lovers with silken cords
with rainbow colours
she longingly remembered
one another
this scent of a man

she recalled
his loving touch
felt his warmth
holding her for eternity
never to let go
never to let go
never to let go
this scent of a man

as once they were together
softly embrassed the days
spent the wasted hours
passing time suppine
clear to the horizon
often their ravishing earthen beauty
betrayed eternity's promise
held each other forever together
so suddenly this
stirring within her breast
her once heart broken without him
her once beating Soul nowhere to go
she knew he was there
here in her heart
felt his presence
This Scent of A Man

she cried the overflow
tears nonstop over him
who could possibly resist
her charms Bella Sophia
her insistence was complete
she knew
this scent of a man

as these latent energies
felt there ecstatic charge
as a crisp woodwind's plucky sound
murky and musky-scented pitch
As Parma's operahouse played
long into the forever
Arturo Toscanini climatic overture
clash of cymbals as they thrashed about
Nature Directing her Form to his
The Dance
a gathering of lovers
inevitable this Romance
this scent of a man

evoking the ancients
the sparks of a distant era
Supernatural Being Love
Heaven floating
on the still night air
sparking fires and sparkling waters
he was there waiting for her
beneath the deep blue ethereal
under this starry shell of a canopy
this scent of a man

in the crowded square
Angelo's apparition appeared
from the depths of forgotten memory
Sophia foretold the prophesy
soon his shadowy figure emerged
only for tonight's full moon
Etruscan soldier girthed in Armor
resounding triumphant he comes again
this scent of a man

thick mists mask
the play's the thing
surround the rare air found
Botticelli created her voluptuous
as she played nymph-like
in the fountain of love
splashing gentle the fine spray
cooled warm skin
blessed with her dear sweet Angelo
this Holy union
under the volcano these
sacred Holy waters
brewed an elixir
made Spirit fire
man came alive
only thing required
this scent of a man

She felt his kinship
his distinctive dialect
the still image by the camera obscura
captured in the storehouse
returned these magical powers
this scent of a man

tonights undulating rhythms
In the Piazza Duomo
In this Etruscan town
In this Tuscan night
in this triste he did trust
bathed by the luminosity
of her light-filled pool
this scent of a man

heard in fountains of love
the cheribs' muffled laughter
carried on an ancient breeze
returned to earthen form
a new lease on life
once unleashed by the Gauls
invigorated with renewed zeal
his uncommon resolve
The Birth of Mars
this scent of a man

Incantations whose incadescent
Mona stepped into the picture
in the lamp-lit streets of Parma
harbouring unquenchable desire
her wait to linger so much longer
by the celestial waters
she followed the night into tomorrow
for this she knew it was he
this scent of a man


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  1. smokin magpie...the scent of a sensual...

  2. wow...I'm speechless...the scent of a man. Brava!

  3. ... 'this scent of a man' ... you got me with the title of your Magpie!!!

  4. I agree with Brian--hot! caliente! also loved the sense and scents of the place as well as the man--great magpie!

  5. 'she followed the night into tomorrow/for this... excellent ending. Fine, oh, fine magpie!

  6. Whoop! I think you might be the only to write a Magpie for this prompt about a man's scent or fragrance. Your Magpie is a stand-out and is outstanding!

  7. Most evocative -- just like the scent of a man...

  8. Gorgeous! Love the bit about the opera house!

  9. the scent of a man....reminds me when I fell in love with my husband..I was drawn to his scent....nice ...bkm

  10. Oh, my god, it was like a hot, sultry trip to Italy, with so much more than all the brochures indicate.

  11. The scent of a THAT'S different. Although the sexiest women (honestly, there were not "that" many!!!) I knew, were 'turned on' by the smell of a man, without any extra stuff like after-shave or know...etc.

    Hey, on Willow's blog i referenced (just now) your comment re Shalimar, OK?

    Glad to read your REALLY good Magpie.

  12. what is it with Italy and its romantic flare? the man, the food, the cities, the wine... the scents... lovely!! thanks for your nice comment on my magpie - this picture is truly an aphrodisiac!!