Monday, January 2, 2012

A blustery sky on New Year's Day
(the clouds looks like an angel to me!)
Today we are having a blustery snowstorm. The temperature is going to dip and we are suppose to get 100 km winds. I guess it is time to bring in the sprinkler!

New Years 2012 was uneventful for me other than the fact that we are embarking upon the ominous year of our supposed doomsday or is it, hopefully; ascension?

Please listen to this interesting podcast by the amazing Graham Hancock!

Happy New Year 2012!!!
Doom or Gloom or Glory
we in this together!!!


  1. sp 'the clouds LOOK like an angel to me" excuse the typo-spello!

  2. sp "we're in this together" obviously Jan 2 2012 is NOT a good spelling day for me! Besides my keyboard is sticky-odd, ya know?

  3. We are indeed in this together. Yeah, interesting stuff, and if it is the end, what matter how history has been played out? There will be no one to record it, or care.

    We can still wish for a Happy New Year. : )

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, much appreciated! Love this post. Happy New Year and na.. we won't disappear. We will be together and we will make it, I am absolutely positiv about that. Take care.

  5. Happy New Year, Chiccoreal! Maybe the Maya just ran out of room, Or the Spanish invaders interrupted them...

    Love the header!