Tuesday, March 9, 2010

YES it's Just For You: "It Is Always Fresh, Yes It Is Always SpringToday"

Picture a perfect place
Spring forward
heart skips a beat
Dreams made true
with yes freshness
The world curiouser and curiouser
the bunny soon to be found
in green grass chocolate eggs
Big Beachballs bound
Bobbing on wavy seas
the world's on vacation
to greet the day
Orange you glad
of smiles

as heard on the live wire
sweet curlews from chickadees
morning doves coo
take a gander; there's a gander
waiting to greet more feathery friends
from all points south come north again
to make more flyer miles credits
snowbirds return to home sweet home
once the sun cooks their goose too much

full of fun
the return of all birds
with early morning chipper chirps
announcing all's resolve
to be young again
to feel lighter than a feather

As all things are possible
Our Universe today
Waiting to be reborn
again and again
as hiberators awaken
a pregnant pause
hushed tones for awhile
as even the silence
contains the essence
of the positiveness
of Spring

now sun melts snow
icicles turn to rain drops
from drainpipes and rooftops
"I'm alive"
shiny and new
rich yearning earth
seem can not wait
or quick to renew
bless our souls
with all good things
Welcome the Spring

YES Spring Dreams
Always larger than life
manna from heaven
when the stars align
Awaken the Metamorphosis
bigger than the dipper
super reality
making fantasy normal
better than Dutch Apple Pie
Tulips grow from earth unleashed
making big dreams happen
in the flash of a twinkling eye

can ever hold onto
all matter released
to float and fly
in an unswept breezes
air bubbles lightly touching
down soft pussy willow
like a fuzzy peach kiss
bursting forth flowering flowers
with each deep breath
i hug the earth
i take it all in
i become Spring

jj 09 03 10

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