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Breaking Bad ~ Season Three Premier ~ Fake Spoiler "It Dropped From The Sky"

If any bloggers have been watching Breaking Bad, well tonight is the start of Season Three. It has been guaranteed to be action-packed. Here are some best possible "bad" outcomes which I thought I would predict. I have no idea as to the script for tonight.

We left off season two with the cliff-hanger or should I say plane hanger, er, ah, plane crash to be precise. Right over Walter and Skylar White's house. (is that coincidence or what?) More bad luck. (figures he just has hope of cure from his cancerous lung removal).

Nonetheless we get a close up at the end of the thing that fell from the sky (did you guess this?) I was kind of shocked over the "skank" ATM that I did not remember so much detail (I will need to watch more than once hopefully three times like in Film School).

Season Two and Season One's pink and white panda bear at the opening scene (new style; looks; Gund? As in Gotta-Get-A-Gund?). My kid had a Gund called Mutzi, so I can relate, wonders what is the significant of the teddy? Stayed tuned, we are bound to find out sooner or later! (future episode Skyler's teddy?)

Yes, babyboomer parents can certainly relate to this show, or those who are meth user, crackheads, any dope users, lawyers, EMT's, cops, prisoners, ok pretty much everybody will find something to love about this show. The acting is amazingly fantastic; the subject matter always shocking.

Walter White a proto-typical chemical teacher everyman is perfect, his expressions amazing! White is played to perfection as are all the actors. Best acting I have seen in a very long time. Amazing range. The characters are a virtual alter-ego reality of real-life people. Very third-wallish, maybe method acting? Amazing stuff.

Here goes: Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Chipnlogs screen adaptation of tonights Breaking Bad Episode:

"It dropped From The Sky" by Virginia Whitley

Walter's wife Skyler leaves. As Walt is going back into his house he hears a huge supersonic crash from the sky. He looks up at the sky. Mouth ajar.

He sees two huge jumbo 747's (what are they called now) collide and crash in the sky. The jetsam (what is debris from a plane called?) defrags in every direction like a many-leafed palm tree. As Walt is near his pool he watches as a piece of the plane land in his pool. We get a close up of the item; a high-priced pink and white panda bear.

This is where Season Three Begins:

At this point Walter looks dumbfounded and runs for the phone inside the house, he is about to lift the receiver. Suddenly he hears another two thuds, and turns around running outside, he pants, is out of breath. He sees what the horrible thuds were that crash-landed in his yard; two partially truncated bodies ripped to pieces by the plane crash. Both have landed withing 6 feet of each other.

Walter turns and runs back into the house to call 911. The phone line is busy. Walter "Damn!". He calls his brother-in-law, the police officer.

Hank. Hello
Walter: Did you hear the crash?
Hank: What crash?
Walter: The one right over the city.Right over the f house.(notice Walter is swearing lately...ever since the "change" since he blew up the head-office of the drug dealer Tuko). Must have been two jumbos crashing overhead. Some dead bodies have landed in my yard.
Hank: Shit! Holy crap I'm coming over!
Walter: Hurry, I am not sure if there's more shit falling from the sky right now. What the hell it could be some kind of chemical.
Hank: Relax Walter, I'm be right over, I'm leavng now.

Walter hangs up immediately and goes outside looking carefully at the sky. The debris field in the sky has dissipated. It appears safe for Walter to go outside.

Walter: Shit!
Walter walks slowly over to one of the bodies.
He notices something shining from the legless body's neck. Almost all of the clothing is removed by the sheer impact of the explosion. The thing that is shining in the sun is a Native America Amulet/locket made of silver, turquoise and black onyx with a very strange Navaho symbol of death on it. Walter has seen this locket before, and knows what the symbolism means. Gretchen was wearing it during their last meeting at the restaurant. Walter is amazed, totally mezmerized by the amulet's glint.

Walter takes a long careful look and picks it up and notices it has a latch and then proceeds to slowly open the locket. closeup, stunned look mouth drops open (lots of those lately)

Inside the locket comes out some of his famous blue meth onto Walter's fingers. Walter cooly snorts some to test it. He shakes his head in disbelief. He pounds the cushion of the lawn chair. Walter lets out a very loud "Shit" that echoes from the redrocks and southwestern adobe homes in his neighbourhood.

Walter looks aghast and shocked. Quickly, Walter looks around and quickly snatches the necklace/amulet from around the dead victim's neck.

Walter quickly retreats to his car and hides the amulet with the meth in his glove compartment and locks the compartment.
Walter's Bro in law Hank the cop shows up. He is more freaked out than Walter.

Hank: The authorities will be here soon Walt, don't worry I've got this under control (Hank is seriously shaking). Walter offers him a lawn chair to sit down.
Hank: Thanks. Do you have any strong coffee I just worked the night shift. It was a bugger. I was sleeping when you called. It's going all to hell. (suddenly Walter looks pale and weak) Walter, I need to get some air...

Walter: You dont look so good Hank. Do you need...

Just then Hank falls flat on his face and his nose is bleeding, a pool of blood on the cement by the pool.

Walter Oh shit, no! Hank...Hank...

Hank is still breathing, but laboured. Walter cradles his head in his lap.

Suddenly the Hazmet team (?) Emergency crew arrive with sirens blazing. A EMT worker takes over from Walter, and starts CPR on Hank.

Hazmet: Ok Sir if you could please go to the truck. We'll take care of this. The hazmet team takes over the scene.

Walter is lead away stunned and lead away by another EMT worker.


Air traffic control Santa Fe (or where?) airport. "Q" is still sitting at his post completely insane looking, mumbling incoherently the repeating patterned names "Jane" "Tango" "Nine" "Sierra" "Seven" "Walter"...over and over again, monotoned, robotic-like.

A white-coated crew arrive at the ATC department. The boss says
ATC boss: He is sitting at station three
Q: mumbling incoherent and then the same precoded words forementioned.
WCC: Sir, could you please come with us?

Q is confused and is still rambling as they lead him out of the building once hand-cuffed and frisked.


Skyler sitting in a fifties style bungalow. Walt's mom's place in a poor section of town. Skyler is looking down, sad. (maybe post partum depression and seperation from Walter, etc).

Walt's mom: Can I get you anything dear, a drink? Would you like some tea and bisquits?

Skyler: No thanks. I think I'll take a nap.

Suddenly squealing tires can be heard. Walter's car arrives as Walter appears at the screened door.

Walter's Mom: (happily excited) Walter!
She runs over to Walter but he refuses to acknowledge her.
Walter's mom frowns and drops the biscuits she was carrying.
Walter's son is working on a computer in the kitchen
Walter's son: Hi Dad! I've got more hits! We got 2 grand now!
Walter grunts.
He sees Skylar taking off hurriedly for the back bedroom and grabs her wrist.
Skyler: F>O. Walter! Leave me alone!
Walter: Skyler. This is an emergency. Dont ask questions, I'll explain later.
Skyler yells: Mom, take care of baby for a minute thanks.
She rushes out with Walter.

Walter yells I'll call in 40 mins Mom, stay off the phone!
The door slams behind them.
Walter's mom looks concerned.
The car squeals off.


Mayhem in town. People running around, cops shooting at looters, bikers around town on bikes.
Walter: We got to get the f outa here, ya hear me, something crazy is going down, There's been another airplane crash, two of them, it looks like another friggin' terrorist attack.
I think it may be a dirty bomb.Do you get it? Do you understand me? Are you understanding me?(Walter treats his wife like a child or student of chemistry)
Skyler: Walter, what the hell have you been smoking you're acting nuts much more nuts than when I left you an hour or so ago! What the f is going on Walter, another damn lie of yours? I'm so f'n sick of your gd lies. When are you going start telling me the truth. G*d you're a liar!
Walter: It's been a hell of an hour Sky.Please trust me. Listen. There's been... I cant talk now, we are getting the hell out a here.

Walter is seen taken the back highway out of the town. He is headed for the Californian highway.
There are cruisers on the roadblock police waiting to stop cars for a roadcheck.

Walter: Oh shit...
Walter does a 180 and squeals out of the way of the police road block. Dust everywhere; a police car starts to follow.
There is another block the other way, and he goes down a back mall parking lot, down an old unused road. Police car sirens can be heard, and Walter sees a black and white police car thinking it is after him. It zooms past him.

Walter: OMG Phew. What next? We got to get the h out of here
Skyler! Hold on!
Skyler: Walter what the hell is going on? Where are you taking me? Tell me now?
Walter: There's been a huge plane collison over our house and there are bodies everywhere. Two landed on our lawn.
Skyler: OMG!
Walter: There is something wrong with the air, and you can smell it. It acrid right? Acidic?
Skylar: Yah, sort of. What's that black soot on your skin? Oh no, what about...(Skyler remembers her son, baby daughter and mother-in-law stuck in town.
Walter: I think Hank is dead from it. I'm not sure. I couldnt stay. The hazmet team said to leave. I dont know why I am still alive. I wish now the lung cancer got me. Living like this, how the hell can I break this shit bad luck. Now I live through this...Everything I do..(starts to cry)
I don't know why I'm not dead. Seriously. It started to bug me, my nose was starting to burn, I remember, but I had accidently sniffed this (he unlocked the glove compartment and shows Skylar the amulet) and sniffed this and...well I guess I'm immune or something. This blue meth. It was a fluke. Too many damn flukes lately. It's all upside down and backwards, what the hell? I think Gretchen was one of the dead bodies, I can't be sure of this. I found this was around her bloody body that was blown to fricken bits.
I thought Hank had a heart attack at first, nope it must be (name odd chemical name here)some kind of chemical attack.
Skyler: Shit! OMG Poor Hank.
Walter: Dont worry a hazmet team is on the scene to help him... there's a possibility he might still be alive. I was worried about you. I rushed right over to get you. The hazmet team said they would look after it. I hope they realize he is not an airplane crash victim!
Skylar What about your son and baby? And mother?
Walter: Dont worry I'll call them and tell them what to do. They live far enough out of the targetted area. I got to pick up Jesse now. He's out in the desert alone, shit I forgot! Damn! I am sure Hank is ok too. Hang in there. I get that feeling Hank is ok... (Walter wipes his sweaty forehead and a black streak of soot is left in a long line in the middle of his forehead most likely from the sooty airplane effluent left like dust on everything in town.)
Walter floors it leaving a swath of smokey dust behind. In the background can be seen two lines of smoke rising up into the air like spires.


Another road block on the country desert road.
Walter CRap, f
Skylar Shit
Walter: Spins another 180 and heads towards an easterly direction. From his back mirror he can see men with guns shooting at his tires. It isnt the police it is a bunch of bikers. Walter hears the roar of motorcycles.
Walter; f no...
Finally the big bikers catch up with Walter. One of them knows Walter.
Biker ! Hey hows it going Hildenberg!
Walter: says to secretly to Skylar "dont talk"
Skylar mimes zipping her lips shut
Walter: What's goin' on Boomer? Skyler acts no chalant.
Boomer: Well not a heck of a lot, just trying to control our bit of heaven here on 6th Line Extension!
The bikers own this part of Santa Fe. Everyone knew this is where the "deals" go down. Walter did business with the bikers in Season I.
Walter: I can't believe what's happening in the city, it's crazy.
Boomer: Yah, an, looks like Terrorism. I guess the emergency plan didnt go as planned.
Walter: (sarcastically) what plan?
Boomer: Exactly
Walter: Can we get thru?
Boomer: Oh, sure, man you can get through. Where you going?
Walter: To California
Boomer: Not from here. All shit is loose there from what I heard
Walter: What did you hear?
Boomer: You mean you didnt hear?
Walter: NO I guess I missed the news.
Boomer: Well it looks like a full-blown terror attack. Things are friggin' crazy man!
That plane was just the beginning. I hear California's airport has been totally f-bombed.
Walter: You got to be kidding.
Boomer: Yah, man looks like Armageddon. Better dig yourself your hole now before it's too late.
Walter: Crap, I guess I'm going head due south, Mexico. There wont be craziness there. How's Washington?
Boomer: DC? No news yet. Maybe in awhile. Most of the communications are sketchy, plus I'm kinda patrolling right now. I better get going. (Boomer watches his back for his boss)
Walter: I get your point. If you could get your boss to let us through...
Boomer: Ya, no problem man, go ahead. Ya better take that road to your first right.
Walter and Skyler continue to proceed into the setting sun of the Santa Fe outer limits. Everything is sublime and so opposite of the mayhem they left behind.

FLASH: WINNEBAGO lab in the Sonoran desert

Jesse is busy cooking in the desert. Walter pulls ups with Skyler.

Walter: Here it is. HOme away from home!
Skyler: OMG! Is this IT?
Jesse: (Running to the car). What the hell are you thinking? (for bringing Skylar to the lab)
Walter: Dont worry Jesse our cover isn't blown. Jesse, Skyler is here for a reason. You need to come with us NOW. We have had a lot of problems in town. There was a plane crash.
Jesse: Yes I heard
Walter doesnt tell Jesse any details because he is not wanting to confuse Jesse who is suffering from a bout of depression after his gf Jane died.
Jesse: Yah I cooked the pound. We can sell it in Mexico. Lots goes down there without cops up our butts.
Walter: Jesse, I need to tell you...
Jesse: Walter we really need to get out of here.
In the distance police cars can be seen in the distance.
Walter guns it as Jesse and Skylar sit in the backseat.
Walter: It will just be this one sale, ok Jesse.
Jesse: Yes Walter.
Skyler: OMG I hope you guys know what you are doing
Jesse and Walter in unison.
We don't. We're going to Juarez.
Walter: All I know is the world's Breaking Bad man.
Skyler: You mean "you're" breaking bad" You sure as hell did!
As they head into the black Sonoran sky and explosion can be seen in the rear view mirror. They keep going and don't look back.

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  1. Ok I got it right about the very end scene; an explosion and then a walk-away! But it was the bad evil death cult twins! (new). I thought it would be the Winnebago go bang bang, but oh, no! haha! The two walking away looked familiar for sure! It was at night like I wrote. Maybe I could write another but I will try to go on what Vince Gillian wrote and see how close we come to the next episode. PS. It is Dennis Margolis "Q" and Jane Margolis (his dead drug-addicted daughter) I wonder what will happen to Margolis in the future. Played brilliantly by "Q". Got to research more. This is fun! Hey, the Walter and Skyler's daughter's name is Holly and the Cerebral Palsy son is named Flynn. I somehow missed the one where the daughter died. I will have to view that or get Season II DVD. (I cant d/l because I have run out of virtual memory and need a 700 buck tower to get this happening..dang!)...guess I'll read the episode trailers. (dang not much into here!). Love the visuals...using sepia and close up how unique reminds me of the Good The Bad and The Ugly! Love the Albuquerque...yery QUERKY!!!

  2. ps did you get it when you saw the Yaqui Native crawling on the ground like a snake (the old snake cult). It was way wierd. The pic of Walter at the Death Cult's altar reminded me of MIB. A little corny. The high school scene a little corny, and why would they look so begrudginly (the counsellor) at Walter when he was quoted Jumbo jet crashes (727?)not 747. 167 people died. Hmmm I like my script better. I would get into a death cult later! Not yet. To dang much going on. It gets confusing abit. I dont like my terrorist subplot, but I like the fact I could change it later to not a terrorist attack (the show would be too much like 24 with Keifer Sutherland!). Love this show Breaking Bad and I know now what the term Breaking Bad means, it is southern usa slang for "going bad" turning bad either temporary or full time. I love the many contrasts in this story! frigen fantastic.