Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eat Blueberries from Chile Shaken by the Earth

Today I eat the blueberries from Chile
That were shaken by the earth
Feeling the Blueberries fear
as they quake back and forth
in my belly

All that power built up in this way
contained in the rattle Blueberries sway
As the earth's energy of some form or other
released deep in the earth
comes out to may hay

Eating the Earthquaked Blueberries
makes one grow strong
as they have retained the pow'r
The Earth's story long
As mankind builds aspiring tow'rs

Strength becomes the Blueberries shaken
From the toppled spires renewed desires
rebuild from the ground artifacts taken
Tear down to build up by lowly hires

As I sit and think how horrible
Earthquakes seems to be
When Blueberries can give tolerable
Honour to the Miserable
seems to me

Earthquaked Blueberries may one day be
reversed engineered
to start at the end
and continue unfeared
through the Blueberry and to the centre
of the earth's mantled core
to end at the send

How to stop an earthquake
from the Blueberries on top
Makes one a genius no need to pretend

Find how to end once and for all
the earthquakes deadly life's toll
Obvious or not
Look everywhere you can
even the Blueberries' earthen plot

There truth to be found when not looking
The mind often playing hide and seek
Look around the answer is there
Yours for the taking
Truth is not for the meek
(well the Earth will be for the meek
is meek good, yes, it is when it reek of weakness
for power comes from above and the ground...who knew?)

jj 20 03 10

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