Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Brings (of all things) LOVE

Yellow Green
yearn For
the Voice
Of Forebearers
Bearing All pain
for us
struggle thru
the darkening woods

Oh to hear Ode
that Voice
To lead the way

Bring Spring
this time
of year
talk Direct
to the Universe

As I write to remember
those things that meant
that matter
so heavy and weighty
so much toil
the soul breeches its

to the intrinsic self
i claim my lost child
but not irrepairable
always irreplaceable
always valued
always loved

the one who
like clockwork
awakens each day
at the break of dawn
hoping for another
to be friends
with the Universe

As carefree as gazelle's
grazing in the field
ready and willing to let all go
to the wind
all deer's here
listen to now

unleashing their winter worries
finally free to be
to feel the spring wind in their
hair in their winter-weight fur

whatever makes them fly so high
maybe to flee from gunshot or
fly free once they make all alight
make all alright
flying having so much air underneath
the feeling
of freedom

maybe too much too soon
gazelles quick to learn
soon to settle down
and for this time of free flight
they gave way
a hefty pay out
a wounded bleed out
you saw Bambi too?

the hunter such a mean man
killing the soul of freedom
culling spirit's flight
like how could they?
they have to eat to survive
not if they used their brain
for more than a coat rack!
(like to see that, them racked!)

back to the ground
come back to earth
dear deer
who knew only freedom's flight
and then shotdown
like yesterday's trash
who thought of you like this
this wasnt the way you were to be
flying high
only to eat dirt
(like joe dirt also ate it)
as the hunter rejoices
(like Ted Nagant on steroids)
at your demise?
(maybe some honourous could be given
like on the altar of old the life for a life
one day certainly will unfold - thank gosh)
Is there a time we can, should we?
sit down and take this
or stand up and be counted
to reclaim our place
the Lord commands?
which way
deer only ever wanted to fly
and then in an instance,
how unfair!
are we only ever
so free?
(outer limits of freedom
could be
should be

feeling grounded today
must be the weightiness of
as in
"All You Need Is Love"
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, The Beatles circa 1968

20 03 10 jj

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