Monday, March 8, 2010

Indictable Offence: Women's Rant: Women Hold Rank Ranks

Today is International Woman's Day
And What have you done
Another year older
And a new one just begun

women don't top 3 percent
women don't earn 3%
work for peanuts
and say "yes Sir"
bowing down to the master
slave worse case in town

women have to pray that
they wont be blamed
for wars and housing market
women have limited worth
as the good old boys claim

"yes" women deny
a problem at all
who would complain
when the token she-man
pampered and set
all neat in a row
the rest made to scour
if not devoured
by the wolf at the door

if only
the percentage of women
were more than the 3% now
taking ranks in the men's club
the rest, the 49% where did they go?
women are invisible
when they dont speak out
claim their right
to their space of their birthright

imprisioned by prejudice
abuse seems to flourish
as women seem to perish
fighting for their rights
in this let live or let die
world of heaving sighs
all is possible
when you believe
you are fully alive

woman stand up, stand proud
or stand alone
support each other
many walls yet to tear down
discourage not the crowd
that burns its bras
listen to your inner-woman
til trumpeting voices raw

Happy International Woman's Day 2010

jj 08 03 10

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