Friday, March 19, 2010

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Ideas are coming fast and furious ladies and gentlemen over the cranial cross wires. In my mind's "aye" anyway! This must be spring says my mind, trying to find time between the heady giddiness to do some serious SPRING CLEANING. A penny for your thoughts pretty lads and lassies?? I am longing for the return of the Americana Inventor! Arcane or Inspired? Ideas please be the fountain of bliss we all miss!

Ideas are Real. Ideas "ARE". They are formed before we were made, maybe? Like life, ideas exist on some level or other, where do they come from? It is more important to have ideas, any ideas and right now. Our collective "we" needs to get many, many, many more ideas to fuel the many, many, many problems this enormous world faces today and in the future.

And ideas can come from anyone, anytime, anyplace. That is the beauty of ideas. You do not necessarily have to be an Edison or and Einstein, although that would certainly help. New ideas have always been the backbone of Americana so why not have more ideas, better ideas to strengthen that backbone. But how? How?

Washing my dirty dishes this morning from the night before as I was too exhausted and hate washing dishes at night (I can wash dishes at night however, I prefer not to do this. Ask me to tell you later why I prefer not to wash dishes at night; it is a very "cringe-worthy" and oh-so-creepy story.) Anyhow...on to the ideas lightbulb moments commonly referred to as "Eureka" moments or "the money shot".

As I was washing my dishes this morning in the zink, using a freshly bought bottle of dishwash soap (I did at one time have a dishwasher; unfortunately left at the last house I lived in, and I have not as yet, due to massive water surcharges managed to get up the kahunas to purchase another. Not that I do not want another, I do! I still dream of the day in technicolor of my triumphant dishwasher's return,walking up the deck steps, knocking on my door and saying; "I'm here to make your life easier". I would say, "oh really? Not if I have to pay hundreds of dollars in extra water. I remember when water was free! And to think it should be, it is a necessary means of survival. Well not really a dishwasher which I suppose I can live without. It is not only complaints about dishwasher efficiency. I am having whooper headaches over cleaning all those "nooks and crannies" when cleaning my oven or fridge. Gosh they are so poorly designed from the consumer who must maintain them. This could have been so easy. They should have hired women designers for appliances. Then they would function and maitain like a dream. Right now; a nightmare to clean, etc.

Back to the story. As I was washing the dishes in the sink (zink is so what my grandma would say) I noticed the word "Oxi Action"tm. It gave me some another idea today. (these I call Idea-From-Kitch-Form Mind Triggers).

As I gave way to my fluffy spring mind which is really a spring-form pan waiting to expand I decided, "Hey, wouldn't it be great to "OXI-cute" (MY tm word) oxygen bubbles, put them in food to increase in the hemoglobin (red blood cells) oxygen levels? I know there is Ox3 in water now, this I don't think is what I am talking about, although it could be...)

Brilliant as a brillo pad! It had come to my attention that many many illnesses and diseases are a direct cause of the blood not giving the body enough oxygen. Well this new food-grade OXI of whatever safe chemical emtymology (is that the word?) would be GREAT in food or some new fangled health food. (Please tell me if this has already been done than I can willingly give up on this project from the get-go and say hats-off to the stellar inventors). would be wonderful to oxygenize food and get the full benefits of oxygen-rich food to make the blood oxygen-rich again. It is spring after all, and I do want to reoxygenate, cleanse, and do the rest of the mad spring cleaning frenzy I am prone to do. However remember this is just a "sample" idea, maybe good, maybe bad, but it is an idea ready to be tested and not so easily dismissed. There is that golden idea that the more you "put out there" you should "get back". I don't know if this is a cause and effect type of motivational streams-of-income type of idea or not. However, if it is, and it makes money, you know the tm score here. The residuals will certainly be nice. So there ARE benefits with thinking up ideas, not just goodwill only, although I am certain the proverbial 10 percent tithe will certainly trickle-down eventually. So it is "all good" Ideas are good and should be encouraged, most definitely! (not too much OXI tm now or we'll all like Uncle Albert floating on the ceiling from "Mary Poppins"!) Everything in moderation seeming to be the key. Thank-you Benjamin Franklin another great and inspired American inventor.

So ideas, like this, good or bad, or born every day. Often however, these brilliant life-saving, even planet-saving ideas, maybe even universe-saving ideas are often dismissed and let to fizzle and die like a dying star. But what if...

There were some kind of repository, depository or bookstore that would gather up "Joe Schmoe's Brilliant Ideas"? What if we bottled or shelved these ideas for a time until, like the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, we could go to the cupboard when our ideas are thread-worn and bare and gather fresh insights into problem solving.

There could be some poor mid-east farmer or whomever, having been struck with the idea bug, has no where to go, no one to discuss his/her idea. And since he/she is "just a poor farmer" he/she figures his/her ideas are "no good" or "not good enough". This farmer, for example, lacks the strength in his/her conviction, not in the idea. The idea is good, golden, a "stitch in time saves nine" type of idea. For many years the dear has been told he/she is "just a dumb farmer". So much prejudice and negative thinking in the world we must change (there's an idea for you!).

After years of this mental abuse, the dear sweet sweaty farmer believes what he/she is told over and over again repeats it in his/her head. But it is a lie!. The farmer's brain thinks differently, the ID always knows it is smart. Not only is the human soul immortal, it is laughing at us thinking we are immortal poops that can not do anything. That is the beauty of the human soul. It is truly invinsible and more than willing and able to save the planet should the need arise. You'd be amazed of what we are truly capable of doing. Super hero strength needs super hero strength of resolve. We can do it if we believe we can do it. So let's all believe we can do it! We will! (do what?) Oh yes, make new ideas the norm rather than the exception.

The world is full of everyday, common heros. We watch the shows on tv shows about heros. Everyman/woman hero saves a dog from drowning, for example. We all have this in us, why do we not use it as readily as the neighbour who just helped a little granny cross the street, etc.?

It is always this way, regular people are the heros of the day. The Bible states that God chooses someone from a common background to help make miracles happen. Depending on what you believe, of course. It could be any other belief. This is the believe that I have been taught and the one I know. For you who do not believe in miracles, "I pity the fool!".

Yes, it is often these persons of certain mind-persuasions, these "died-in-the-wool non-believers in miracles, wonders and magic that never want to think outside-the-box. There would be that nagging fear of losing-their-lunch or they fear they cannot, they just "fear". Fear is the idea mode's worse enemy. Get rid of negative thinking now. You are a genius. You read Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People" because you are a winner and have no reserve when it comes to capability.

If some nay-sayer should ever see-the-light and unshackle life's obnoxious shackles of thought that stands in the way of our collective successes (we are only going to win when we all pull together; remember the drowning man, pulling the other person under loosing both their lives because of unnecessary and unwarranted fear. The need to make our lives positive rather than negative should be a survival method taught in schools. We need to see the light of the positive to get to the far shore. We need encouragement from others to, and this is exactly the Chipnlogs philosophy.

Where are these thoughts today to save us from the coming floods, etc? Are the scientists and others certified geniuses going to let us all drown because they do not have in place any ideas that work? Do they have no action-plan for our survival? It unfortunately seems this way. We need a clearinghouse or repository of ideas to help save our souls. Chipnlogs is this clearinghouse. And it is free.

Are there no new ideas coming to the table, to the powers that be table to truly help us in our day of disaster whatever that disaster may be? Even if I am not here tomorrow, remember, write down your ideas on the web, get them out to people who can use them, who truly need your ideas to survive and flourish. You will be rewarded in your survival too. It isn't only monetary gain which often keeps
good and useful ideas prisioner to the mighty dollar which really isn't so mighty if you have noticed lately. Do not get me wrong, money is a like a sixth sense, of which you cannot fully develop the other five. I am not against the monetary freemarket system, it is wonderful. I am against a system which devalues ideas because they are not coming from a source which is deemed "relevant". It is the out-of-the-box thinkers who have saved this world on more than one occasion. Let's emphasize the positive in everyone to achieve. Not just some. NOt just the token few. I am talking EVERYONE!!!

Not only are these new ideas from everyone necessary to help us in times of disaster or emergencies but to help us in the everyday, mundane world. Hopefully these brilliant ideas from the common man can help free up more time in the kitchen, or wherever to help solve once and for all, the very real problems facing humanity today and in the near future.

It is a mind-set. We can think negatively or we can think positively. It is truly our choice. That is something the human does have in spades, "free will". Yet it is our "free will" that has chosen not to be free thinkers, not to solve world problems successfully.

We need to employ the help from ALL WORLD CITIZENS in this very real need of solving world problems now. Remember; do not wait for spring in a few days. We need to solve problems now, to invent devices that will help people now.

We as a citizenry should have solved these problems years ago yet the oil crisis, cancer and other diseases, poverty, earth disasters are still haunting our waking lives. Something is truly wrong with this pictures.

Humans were meant for better things, better than the many disasters which are plaguing us and holding us prisoner to this world which could defeat us if we don't get smart and get with the program. The world can and should be ideally, problem free with enough good ideas to go around! That is why the Creator made us creative, full of ideas, thoughts, feelings, in other words fully alive and in the moment. And this moment springs forth ideas which will save us. Are we going to heed them or forget them? Are we goind to live or are we going to die. It is that simple and straight forward a premise. Let's go with the idea; creativity will save us, it is the Creator's desire I believe.

With good thinking and belief that everyone has the potential for greatness and wonderful ideas to help his/her fellow man in time of disaster, or in times of leisure. We must try to come up with better ideas as a collective whole. There must be better ideas out there, in cyberland, in the poor rich fields, in the office workers back-back-of-the-box boxed brain box lunch, the harried houseperson's everyday scratchpads. Tomorrow's launching pads?

Today is the day to write these seemingly crazy ideas down so others may mull over them and maybe, one day solve these GINORMOUS problems we are facing. Your ideas are always appreciated at Chipnlogs tm. We honour your ideas and will use them in the repository, in the event we need them today or tomorrow. And, the world thanks you!

Good luck humanity! May your ideas be the miracles that feed the world! Blessings and Namaste!

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  1. chipnlogs repositories of ideas categorized for topic, etc. for those times when you just dont have time to "think quick". When the floods are upon yea, you got to act fast,man. Refer here your time is at hand! Good luck!

    sample idea

    For Flooding: moveable airtubes everywhere so we have something to grab hold of until the helicopters rescue us and we can go to dry land?

  2. Other anti-FLOODING ideas? Certainly we see this as a potential problem, here's another one for SAFE BOAT DESIGN; make boats able to become submarines or withstand submersion for days maybe (depending on the sea conditions, etc). Ok, here's another idea; Airplane safety; make all airplanes with pontoon airbags so that like Sully Sullenberger we can float after the crash and live another day.
    Heres another: safety earphones that only allow certain decibles (note the deaf can have these modified)
    Here's another idea; houses that can float, like in New Orleans, there could be developed in the structure a part of the house that can have safe boats during a hurricane or better yet, better EVACUATION plans for Hurricane and Tornados, better reporting and EMERGENCY EVACUTION plans.
    here's another idea for the Food bank that multi-million dollar food bank that is NOT FLOOD proof; make the food bank more like Noah's Ark....
    get my drift, simple ideas at first that can be expounded later; belief me with enough people lobbying and complaining to the government things happens thing do change for the better. We are on a constant grail quest to find A BETTER WORLD..IF NOT A BEST WORLD...
    here's one...this is really cool, about reverse engineering the HELA cell...the cancer cell found from that nice Georgia lady who unfortunately died in 1950 from cervical cancer. Her cells were not officially donated to science but were used anyway and they believe it or not NEVER DIE, THESE CELLS ARE TERMED 'IMMORTAL' cells, sure they are cancer cells but just think, they are immortal and may be reversed engineered so that OUR REGULAR CELLS become IMMORTAL TOO and we do not ever die, cell death anyway, we could always get run over by a bus, but we are working on that one too! Also, think of cancer cells the rna code goes so fast it may be the dna is a circle, the circle our dna spiral may have had before the separation caused by what? Something a long time ago or maybe just degeneration. Interesting to think about these things, eh, come on the cures right there! More ideas, come on, keep them coming....:)