Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magpie Tales - Third prompt 1 Kilo 1 Headache

Magpie Tales - Third prompt 1 Kilo 1 Headache

"I'm not going to weigh the damn thing" Vincent replied malevolently.

"Well then, neither am I" replied Chance nonchalantly.

"Somebody's got to do it then, give me the thing" Vincent snatched the one kilogram lead weight from the steel table where it had toppled in the melee.

"Honestly, Chance, I thought you had better stamina. When push comes to shove..." Vincent seemed steamed and very disdained in regards to Chance's lack of plate stepping.

"Your not pandering to any fuzzy panda's again are you Chance? The last times I saw legs like that they had
'chicken' written all over them." Vincent smiled to himself.

"Oh get off it Vince. You know it's not my thing." Chance took the defensive.

"Well, thing or not, I'm going to weigh it. Sit back on your ample and bloated behind and watch." Vince sneered mockingly towards his comrade-in-arms.

Vince took the leaded weight and hooked the sinker to the weigh scale. Vincent looked beseiged with horror.

"Egad Chance we're 1/2 a kilo under. 'The boss ain't gonna like this'."

"No way, man. It can't be! What the hell are we gonna do now?"

Vince looked sullenly at the floor and slowly raised his stupified glaze towards Chance.

"Is that baby powder over there?"


  1. Well done, nice flow to your story.

  2. Hope it isn't the scented kind.

  3. Somebody's gonna get a headache, that's for sure! haha!

  4. Ah, someone else's mind traveling my road!

  5. Hi
    I have read through your writing more than once because I wasn't quite sure what it was about and then... a light bulb moment!
    Was it drugs? Clever interchange between the two characters and it flowed through the use of the speech.
    I shall look forward to reading some more of your writings.

  6. Loved your choice of words -- it gives that extra punch to the story --it provides visuals for the minds eye. "steel table where it had toppled in the melee." pandering to any fuzzy panda' chicken & legs, and that one line = "ample and bloated behind" I almost fell off my chair laughing.

  7. hmmm. are you talking about what i think youre talking about? wow.

  8. lol. that might just give you a nice headache...and you probably wont get rid of the smell or days. fun magpie!

  9. Of course you know this will lead to a leaded weight tied around a pair of ankles when da boss finds out and he will find out. You know that don't you? ;)
    Nice flow grabbed my attention!

  10. Excellent story.
    Wonderfully done!

  11. Ah more drugs! I'll be high as a kite (on baby powder) by the time I finish reading. Nicely spun!

  12. HAHAHA! Delinquency among the drug trade.

    Diggin' it.