Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CHIPNLOGS tm IDEA SEEDBANK: Steve McQueen in The Blob/Astrophysics and Astronomy

Good day. I've been slow lately due to sit-itis...sitting to long at the computer and drinking too much coffee (only 4 cups) but it may not be the healthiest lifestyle. I am going to be upping the ante on my elliptical and eating better, although I dont eat much, but where has the blob to go when I don't do anything all day but sit and type?

Speaking about The Blob today is Steve McQueen's Birthday on TCM. I watched The Blob early this morning (isnt my life deep). It seemed that I had one of those "moments" besides the almost senior moment. It was a paradigm moment. I was watching the big fat Jell-o Blob (I wonder how product placement worked back in 58)when I realized something about The Blob. The Blob did not like cold!

Realizing this I thought that maybe all matter is struggling to maintain a balance between hot and cold, dark and light, the hole gamut of yin-yang balance.

This also got me to thinking about something else rather deep for The Blob movie. The magnetic process of the universe. In the largest part of space where The Blob came from, maybe, just maybe, there is a different kind of magnets that only relate to large magnetic reactions. Seeing as The Blob is so large and wants to become larger. Were there any remake of The Blob? The Blob was just left so forlornly at the North Pole I felt abit sorry for The Thing (no that's another B-grade movie.)

So thinking about the magnetic principles of the universe got me to thinking that the magnetic attractions of the very miniscule are much more varient thatn the very large and this is where my idea stops because I am not very well versed in this are of Chemistry, Astro-physics and the like ilk. Someone else with some further rebuttal should and could rebut here, please, just close the barn door when you're done! Thanks!

Expounding on the expanse of the Universe is like this. It takes sometimes a different way of seeing things. Like Frank Sinatra did in the Steve McQueen movie after The Blob (I will look this up). Between housework it is diffucult to sound professional to any degree. This is the dilema. However, I will try to tidy up the loose ends later if my end should behanve after mistreating it with too long at the console.

Anyway, or Anyhoo...yes, well, hummm. I am needing peppermint tea. I think I have heard that if coffee isnt cured correctly there is a very strong acidic effect. Has anyone heard of this before because I think my body is acidic. Again needing to yinyang the acidic/akaline balance so important for health. I am not well. I realize now I was or am too acidic. So I will try to stay away from acidic foods like everything! What will I eat? Dang!

I really enjoyed Steve McQueen today. He is like Clint Eastwood in that he has a real personae What you see is what you get. No pretensions. No obtuse characterization. I find that the actor Brian Cranston who plays Walter White is like this too...SMOOTH as silk, they really appear to be these people, no melodrama about it.

So happy birthday Steve McQueen. We miss you. I bet you are in heaven shootin' the sh*t with John Wayne. (that was a super interesting documentary on the director John Ford) a must see, someday. When The Blob gets me!

ps whoever sent me the flyer to get "educated" thanks. You could also send me the money to get me "educated". Yup, thanks! (no seriously, thanks!):)

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