Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ann Coulter Debate, Dilema or Debacle?

For all of you in bloggyland not aware of the Ann Coulter contraversy of late I will include the SNC's links below my Ann Coulter diatribe.

Here's a brief synopsis: Ann Coulter the extremely sexy for a pundit 48 year old Michiga-trained lawyer cum political debater. Coulter is a mouthpiece for the Republican party a female version of Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly or Falwell.

Although Coulter said some "not so nice" things about Muslims at recent Canadian universities, she is more of a latter day Archie Bunker. Coulter's speech is not hate speech but definitely racist. Hate speech is a crime in Canada, however, off-handed remarks can only label the speechster a racist.

With the label of racist, comes the view that the person is 'pig-headed" and/or "ignorant". Racist views disclose a prejudiced way of seeing a group of people or minority or majority for that matter, although this is not usually the case.

In a way, I feel sorry for Ann Coulter. She must have limited intelligence in some way. If she wanted to diffuse the problem with a certain sect this is definitely not the way to do it. Ann Coulter should have used less heated words and phrases to bring her point to the table.

Poor lil' rich girl Coulter has obviously had it too good in the States where free speech is akin to a demi-god. In Canada we must watch our "p's and q's", we must try to appear fair, or receive the wrath and the rap from various departments of Human Rights. Ann Coulter was walking that dangerous fine line. If she is a lawyer she should study the various foreign laws before departing on her tour of punditisms.

To play the devil's advocate today, I will defend Ann Coulter in this way. She should, as a person, be allowed to say what is on her mind to some extent. If she is Irish, for example (I don't think she is?) she could say an Irish joke or two without fear of reprisal from or insult from anyone because she is Irish (if she is Irish, this is just an example). However, I do not believe that Ann Coulter is a muslim so she should be respectful of their history. Ann should have clearly stated her problem is with the Al Quaeda branch of radical Islamic fundamentalism. Period. Unfortunately Ann did not make this fine distinction.

In my opinion, Ann Coulter should formally apologize for any insult to the muslim population. This would be the right thing to do. And for a right-winger, long overdue. Sorry Ann, even though you are one sexy b*tch pundit, you do need a proverbial "slap on the wrist". However you do not deserve to be labelled a Hate criminal. Not yet anyway.



  2. Free Speech is free when it is free for everyone. No one needs to be targetted by verbal abuse. This is reprehensible for a debator.

  3. Racism = Ignorance

    Ignorance needs to be replaced with education and appreciation of what was once a racist point of view. A course in the lifestyle of the said racist remark would be a judicial remedy to this problem of verbal abuse and or verbal targetting and verbal attack on specific groups etc.

  4. In other words, Ms Ann Coulter needs to take a course in muslim way of life and also apologize. Then she should be allowed back in Canada if she could tame that abusive mouth.

  5. By the way, verbal abuse of any one group should be protected unless they are truly enemy combatants (the entire group) or war is declared on that particular group. So far it is not muslims but radical fundamentalism. This distinction is in place until proved otherwise. Ann Coulter assumed all muslims are radical fundamentalists which is not true. There are some muslims who are fighting the good fight against radical fundamentalism and have died doing so. It is not fair to group all muslims as radical fundamentalists. It shows Ann Coulter is ignorant or trying to incite a riot. What is it Ann?

  6. Chiccoreal:

    there is a fine line between freedom of speech that we so richly enjoy here in the states and -when we are just rolling in self indulgent ignorance.

    the wise person learns to pick their poison darts with care lest they should suddenly hiccup.


  7. What is an insulting remark? Any remark that incites the opinion from an individual or group that what is said is hurting their morale to some degree. Of course there are varying degrees of insults. Insults should never replace a fair debate. A debator never attacks or insults a person personally. You may say something to get your point across, it need not be insulting, but using fact always is a good way of debating. Childish insults should be outlawed in the debator circle. It is not intelligent. It is not university material to bring childish antics to the table of debate. I was always told "if you can't say something nice, don't say it". Ann Coulter never was taught this primary rule. As I said before this proves Ann is extremely ignorant of decorum and how to have an intelligent conversation. I could say "no wonder she isnt married yet" that would be an insult. So if I were in a public debate, I would not say this fearing I may hurt Ann Coulter's feelings. Has the woman have no heart? Brutal!

  8. ps regarding the idea that Ann Coulter was being CENSORED. That is not true. She said her piece. And her piece was crap. That is not censorship. Censorship is when she is not allowed to talk. Ann was insulting and racist. It is not censorship when a person is allowed to speak. However any repercussions after that should be considered fair play. In debate, all parties must follow rules. Ann did not follow rules. Until she follows the rules, then she will be excluded from fair debate. Censorship is like what happened in Nazi Germany where no one was allowed to talk. period. Ann was allowed to talk. NO body appreciated her insults. Until she stops insulting she will be allowed to talk again. This is not censorship these are fair and judicial rules to the format of the debating principle. How can this be censorship. If she wanted to swear and be punk she should go to the corner punk bar and let go with her abusive mouth where this sort of verbage is appreciated. In other words, Ann showed NO CLASS. Cultured people like CLASS and decorum. Ann is welcomed back if she can do this, if not she'll be up on the carpet again, wasting time, not making money. And we all know what Ann Coulter likes to do.

  9. Thanks Joanie for your comment! I really appreciate feedback. Today I noted Ms Coulter is down-playing the whole thing. Saying that Canada only had free speech yesterday, etc. I think if people find her big mouth insulting, racist, or whatever, they should boycott her ability to make money by the verbal attack. Ps. I am 100% backing USA. Just not Ms Coulter who I believe is NOT a good representative of fair-minded Americans. That's all I will say. Unless...something knew should make me riled worse than Reilly! :)

  10. I mean Joanny! Thanks again Joanny!