Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Plays Havoc

Not quite ready for prime time?
not quite sure for it's your dime
not quite there; it's your time
to shine and dream and be
the supreme soul you are
given as a gift bestowed
to give back received gift
in a chronic exchange program
chronic meaning perpetual
perpetual meaning constantly unchangeable
unchangeable meaning just that
off the record
off the grid
"Get off the shed!"

It's history recorded but yet history
these things swept away in the blue sea of August
(thank-you Leni Wertmeuller)
under the heavy rugged door cross
take up my mat and walk
with The Heaviness
how now so slammed in face
that lost face
once disgraced
once diminished
once and for all
no leaven bread
like broken morning eggs
lost and tossed
long lost gets lost
shattered soul
knows no more
nowhere to go
here and now
reclaim the motherlode
from a
bygone era
excuses begone
women bear many crosses
don't wait for spring
the bounty is bound to come in
grin and bear it
bear down hard
punch out your claim
on that which you made

As want wants
to make wanton wings
eagles coursers curse
mount to the everhigh sky
clipped by Icarus the Stylist
his own Fate sealed by Seal
the day he chose
a less inspired direction
give it up
you screw up
thinking you
were all that
(and a bag of potato chips)

as we all face the same fate
the Wormwood grave
the Icarus bought it
he did release the hounds that day
screams echo still
before he loosed his mortal coil
hounding our lot
with diminished dischord
the finished story never told
for fear of stings
reprisals and banishment
to an never-ending basement
beneath us (we stand under)
where's to go?
beneath worth and merit
beneath soaring skies
that reclaim our flame
like Olympics Games
once extinquished forever
gone like dinner
fit for a god

matter never dies
just changes form
to be again reborn
again and again
up the elevator
to the 99th floor

banishment from the basement
punishment over for good
from these kingdoms shallow graves
kinship once enfolded a golden ring
all matter crumples
like molten steel in the furnace
of Abendego by the Bend
testing our mettle
assaying our worth
no more laid-waste
or lie-down with dogs
wake up the pooches!
rise up and reclaim
you won
you claim it
you own it
easy peasy for a sleasy

soon cast-aways lost on distant shores
soon carve away the ancient bedrock
revealing many worlds gone before time
so much older than we'll ever know
or care to recall this endless song
many times o'er
many time be'fore
many times tour de force
laid to waste
as our ancients laid down to bed
for the night
listen to the comforting sound
of soft and hard talking
smooth waves on hard rock
crashing cymbols
symbols of which
evokes change of direction
to save our lost souls
midcourse jump ship
all heck has broken loose!

the meaning of
meaning unknown
known only by
only the one thing left
spent unconcious coccoons
and our constant battle waged
fighting unknowns
like our
the hour of our long lost
and abandoned

jj 11 3 10

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