Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Initial J's Initiation

"She's been lying to herself for so long she doent recognize the fact she has created her own form of make-believe, what we adults like to call insanity. Do you think she even remembers where the lie leaves off and reality begins?". Marissa shook her head. Duddy leaned over and placed his head on her shoulder. "Don't worry Mar, everythings going to be fine. Let her live in the dream for awhile, we all do it once in awhile." Duddy started humming an old familiar tune. Marissa began to smile again. "Oh how I love that song, Duds!" She gave him a big hug. He started to get fresh, wanting her. "HOld on Duds, there's a time and place for everything..." Marissa giggled as Duddy kissed the nape of her neck. "Ohhh that tickles!"
Duddy drove his red car past the driveway of one of Marissa's old friends. She thought "I wonder if they'd remember me now, or if that is where they live anymore". Marissa pouted. Duddy noticed the sad inflection in Marissa's voice and tried to cheer her up. "Don't worry Marissa, you'll always have Duddy even if I'm dead and gone". Marissa quickly turned her head and her eyes open wide "And just what do you mean by that?" Duddy smirked; "Whether or not you like it or not, you've got me for eternity. I'm never letting go babe, not ever." Marissa chimed in; "Not even if I wanted to separate from you? What then? Duddy slyly quipped "Face it babe, it's never going to happen. The crazy glue you used on me; you know there's no solvent made by man to undue that glue. I'm stuck on you babe!" Marissa rolled her baby blue Spanish eyes; "Oh Duddy, you're so funny! I mean really FUNNY! Duddy returned; "Like funny-loco?" Marissa nodded; "Like funny-real loco!". Duddy extolled "Ahhhhh....". Marissa sank back into the leather seat of the ferrari and stuck her feet outside of the comvertible. "Ahhhh...that's better babe...things were getting a little too hot for awhile!" Duddy looked over from his driving; "Well you are a hot tomale Marissa, this has to be expected!". Marissa squinted her eyes as she hit Duddy on the shoulder "Ouch! Partner abuse!" Marissa retorted "You baby!" Duddy started to let out a cry like a baby "Waaaaaa.."
Marissa laughed hysterically, and grabbed her Timmy's double double and said "What's up with this coffee? It tastes like crap lately" Duddy said "You should never drink coffee after noon, it tastes like cigars then" Marissa said "You wouldnt happen to have a Cuban cigar around here, we are headed to the border, they'll think we're smugglers" Duddy said "Aren't we?" Marissa said "Certainly not. Not in the conventional sense of the word. One cigar can hardly be thought of as smuggler's booty!" Duddy replied, "No I guess not" Duddy grabbed the stoogie sitting in the ashtray and flicked in out of the window. Marissa looked stern. "Duddy!" Duddy smiled a wide cheshire grin as they pulled up to the border. "You jerk, that was my last cigar. Although I hate cigars they do remind me so much of my grandpa!" Duddy looked sheepish and said a petulant "Sorry". Marrisa appeared self-absorbed "Look busy, here comes the border patrol! Shhhhh!".

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  1. Hey, I just fixed your link for Magpie Tales! (there was a typo) Looking forward to reading your tale!