Thursday, February 4, 2010

One In the Outfield: Ode to JD Salinger

True to the heart
the silent beat
that kept us apart
for years
of believing
we can't be dead
to the true heart
to the true part
to the true art
the beating drums meaning
the way we feel when we do
the emotional reasoning
behind the musical screen
the sonic vibe
the sound of love
the cry of life?

the neglected part of heart
the emptiness within
held captive in dry vessels
on desert lands deserted
dust would be what we were
to become
as shells
whats inside
means more than the outfield places
removed places
as the insides catches
the Catcher in the Rye
Drink now for tomorrow we die

Empty promises that life continues
in some form or other
leads some to believe
it will all come out in the wash
as awash as the shores remove all traces
we've ever been here before
when we are put there
finally put away
all outcast
cast aways from life
never meeting that far shore
as our last breath struggles
to live one more day
life is brief
our souls
last longer

as all struggle to find that place in time
where all meeting rooms converge
The University's Open Gate
Opening the doors
to meaningfulness and all purposefulness
from all purposefulness, meaningfulness
we have not claimed the right
to suggest
we have not a clue
as to why we are here
in the first place

Suddenly, sullenly and sadly said
As hollowmen are mere shadows
dried up bits of fragments without
wholeness to find
of what was once complete
a continuous line of fine
the lodestone of where
the world was to go
and would be known
for ever and some time

Fearful of the facts of our incompleteness
we tried physically covet things
from the universe at large
thought to be secure
in the believe
we can be
let live
let go
leaving behind the only
bit of comfort ever known
the truth of the matter
is found in the heart
the felt liner
of the human soul

as the neglected heart
yearns to return
to a time when love
could fill the vacant land
even when cultivated
we are far from where
all comes togehter so nicely
as decay creeps up
under the surface
the face fractures
knowing all is illusion
like a mirror
reflecting our image
a image which we project
from our mind?
from our body
from our soul
as vessels
we keep in sotroe
the fine wine of time
which gave us the code
to how to make last
til we are old
and can let go
as we succumb to the desire of the universe
whick kills us
or makes us
something more

stares from empty shores
moved stores
stairways that lead nowhere
that is where we are
without heart
we come apart
not fufilling destiny
not fufilling our role
in all that is
in all that is to become
for us more than what could
ever know
project heart love today
get back
that feeling tomorrow
now love
it is ok
to feel feelings
to be feelings
to know feelings
are why we are here
as we discern
and listen
and call
the renewed spirit that enters
and keeps us knowledgeable about
what is important and what is not

As the heart kept us real
down to earth
and humble
for dust is what we are
and to dust we shall return
no more
no less
just the heart which is soul now
becomes one with the spirit later
so keep in mind, the heart
that leads to the open sky's destiny
the freedom to be
truly be
who you are

Heart of Love
Comes from above
another plane I think
it can and has kept us on track
the lodestone heart
can weigh us down or
lighten us up
free to float
on the ride of a lifetime
forever is like that
never gives up

The Heart of Love
that crystalline knowledge
the Crysallis Butterfly emerges
as spirit builds the soul
invisible but felt
of the spirit bound
knows no bounds
on the return
to become one

the heart a reflection
a mirror'd pool
all the universe's desires
guiding us towards endearment
committed strongly
to the source
love is the only thing that lasts

All of us together
Automatic alighnment
one day
group unity hug
in the otherworldly world of
pure heart
taking us to where
where we could have been
now a real possiblility
the positivity of the true heart

never again
would life
the most important thing
why we life
it is love
love of life
is why we live
now is this not important enough?

The Spirit's end result
Raison d'etre
a reason to be
knowing the beginning
from the end
as it comes around again

Could these shallow graven sockets
beckon us to be?
places of never
crying why did you not place face
is something other than this fate
give us leave of our senses
for a moment
when denial of heart
makes victim
of us all
when the wrongly chosen
knew the chosen had deciphered
knowledge without heart
knowledge with a detached sensor mode
knowledge of itself is death not life
of all that was known
now all lost?
what makes more sense
the spirit of heart and life
or the world thof decay
missing the soul train
that said to late; get in!

could the perfect
dna clone
remove that source
as the tree of knowledge
kept chaste
the chastetree
rivetted with holes now
hardly the once wholeness
of goodness
which was once the heart
before the fall
the first tree
mans desires to be more than what is here
as the waiting game made us impatient
as knowledge sitting there
the blueprint of life
seemed a ruddy trophy
of life's perceived mistakes
being the dna could be booted
made to be more whole
when the tweek came to shove
we lucked out on the heart
as the door slammed behind
now scores of heartlessness
pound the pavement with mortals
these supermen really are doomed
to repeat
life without love
never meant to be
ne'er do goods
ne'er be-ers
to raise a glass to all good
more than what we were
when are hearts died
so to did you become
a passing shadow on the wall
lifeless as to what could have

jj 04 02 10


  1. Wow.

    I relied to your questions about the farm picture in Japan. Don't know if you will get back to read it so I came over here and will drop it off.


    The print is over 60 years old or thereabouts. In those days, color film, both Kodak and Fuji were new and there was a lot of concern that both would fade in time. To help prevent some of that, most of us went for 35mm color slides and had them processed in Honolulu and then if we liked them and had time or took them home we could use them or the negatives to make prints. I did both. It is a condition of the film and also the moving train and the colors are as you see them.