Saturday, February 6, 2010

Minute by Minute

Sitting here on a swivel chair
that can go anywhere
as I play hulahula and get
it's a cinch
to get a tiny waist

why lament of the wallowness
of nonbeing
when I am being right here and now
as i write the thing that sits on the top
of my head
streams of consciousness come back to me
searching endlessly for reason and
in the absurd
why I am not sure
not at all sure

sure i am here and now
as i hear the click clack
of the entensor digits
which frame my brain
hopes to find
a substitute in the gloat
as person who likes
goat soap
not that I sell it though I should
seeing as I am promoting something
I'll never get back in dividends
not even bookends
i thought i was

I think I am
your friend
but you never know
you never ask
those questions lacked
this lack of interest
is more than I can handle
accept an exception
handled exception
for what?

who am I; whom am I
me who points at me whom say
these things which
want to point at reality
at this moment in time
this click clack of need
to find
to make
to get
some sense in all this ridiculousness

Where would I be if I werent here
gloating the goat?
bleating the sheep
honking the goose?
I'd be living large
making more space
giving back in spades
all this rot

Sensual pleasures I know not
as I put behind me
all those things of youth
all those things of fantasies
all those things that wrought
ought not naughty
to make way for superfantastic pleasures
of the mind-flesh
duramater isnt flesh?
it is duramater doo-doo bird
the sexist organ in the body
see what I mean
you were thinking of a banana
hungry for the body's need
to make the mind eternal yet
flesh-bound to decaying
principles of Victoria?

That's were he wants to go
to an island again
where no man is suppose to be
an island
yet his fantasy
makes all perfect there
as waves lap
and breezes coax
all energies renewed
reborn in this way
you live for ever
if only for one more day
the island is worth
the experience
which may
imprint on the eternal
if memory banks
can handle soul decay
puritan preachy
life is a peach
with more instore features

jj 06 02 10

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