Saturday, February 6, 2010

Image Molds Men

His ceramic body stiffened yet delicate
his features aquiline
his heartfelt sensitive nature
attracted hordes
as kept behind hutch doors
locked safely away
from the needy hoar frost

This inconvenience his only fault
durable strength of resolve
a hard pill to swallow
outstanding in the outback
wanting me more than anyone
paying that price

lots of one
no longer a feast for all
gone like no more
sharing was crossed
lost in his endless eyes
a sad goodbye
never ever ever
gone like time
nevermore neverwas
never could be
an endless possibility
dreams tell of other things
awaken the dreamer
to the dream lover
kept in a cubby
holed up in the pantry
hutch my butch
always the way
he's been
never changing
stillife in buffeted orbit
shelved for all time
immobilized fear of missing
something dear
or so it could seem
until one realizes
everything changes
everything moves
all the time
all the same

jj 06 02 10

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