Thursday, February 18, 2010

It Is Getting Better All The Time

The Darkhorse, The Hollowmen or rather the Light-filled Invisiblemen were everywhere. They were everywhere Jasper wanted to be, and that meant in the confines of her newly appointed marbled-topped kitchen with stainless steel appliances and extra wide and deep sink. The cupboards were "to die for" as Jasper would often declare. The cupboards were brilliant, sparkingly bright, beyond anything Jasper had ever seen before, or possibly ever would have the priviledge of seeing.
Jasper felt special when she looked at her kitchen. Like a queen addressing her subjects; "The crystal dishes must be washed by hand", they were too delicate for her Majestic dishwasher.
The French Provencial chandelier with crystal rainbows appearing on the most everyday objects, enlivening the objects with the possibility of transformational abilities.

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