Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jasper Temples

"Don't ever talk to her again." The low basso monotone spake the order with unequivicable power. The very public and humilitating shunning of the young woman was now complete. Her head would be shaved, she'd be marched around the square, people would spate upon her, mocking most bitterly her existence which would be forever damned by man. Her fate forever sealed by and for eternity. A damnation man-made for those excluded men and mainly women who were simply called the Peripherals. The Peripherals were the pariah, the cause of all disease, famine, destruction, according to those priviledged few in the power seats.
Jasper certainly was unaware of this as were most innocents of the time the function and ultimately the entire process of power wielders who held captive the world of the Peripherald. Jasper had some notion of the final outcome. In fact some of her closest friends had been systematically rebuked in such odd fashion for no reason. Most just "let it go" or "forgot about it" by now because they were afraid to speak out or suffer the same fate, or worse?
Jasper was afraid to delve further into this matter of malalignment with the power sway. She recalls the last public berating and it was too unpleasant to even recall. It made her take two hits that day just to find the comfort in her old world which she had thought rock hard and solid.
She could make excuses. She felt although how horrid the berating sessions in the public square downtown, these people were, after all, just poor unfortunate souls who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jasper convinced herself; "they must have done something horribly wrong to receive such irrevocable punishment, luckily this will never happen to me". Intuitively Jasper knew this was not the truth, yet she let her lie persist. At the lie nearly killed her.
Power came from this unknown sect of Thought Prevention Officers. Peter Folk was closing in on the details of their operations however. These cruel cataysts of bloody change were not new, their kind was well-known, their atrocities and activities well documented. As this grouped had resurfaced from years ago, their slimy sins recorded for posterity years ago. For Peter Folk not enough was done to completely stop this resurgent vermin. Posterity and hindsight not being an active form of determent unfortunately.
Those undetected TPO ccould slip right through the many means made for just such a resurgence. It was Peter Folk, the commander of The Denizens of the Defiant; a renegade group of iconoclasts and considered renegades. People could go to them and freely speak their mind. This was becoming more and more infrequent as people feared their former right to free speech.
Now the splintered DOD group were mostly represented on plastered posters on the walls of the university. Simple intellectuals who met weekly at the Elephant and Castle. Peter Folk had the feared the worst; the TPO group was gaining more and more of a power-base in the suburbs. These ugly power-wielders were in his sights however. Peter had a plan to topple their newly attained and deadly hold on the collected throats of the newly Outed. Peter uncovered many new secrets with his group and with other allied groups help, he had single-handedly stopped the TPO from their complete hammer-down on the doomed society.
For the TPOwith their top secret clubs, meetings which would seal the fate of the numbered, were one step ahead of the .
by all accounts, worse than the Spanish Inquistionists or the of the usurper dressed in full regalia for the coming millenial order.
As Jasper was not fully conscious of the newly stamped seal on her fate coming down from some supreme decree from the day of her disaster. That once shining day which she had almost held onto, the grasp of which became slippery lately. It was not long ago that the golden key was held in her tiny and pale hand; her entry into the world of the priviledged secured, her future guaranteed in perpetuity.
Certainly Jasper had high hopes of becoming, one day, one of the Substantialists. Her alliances with her life partner was a sure thing in her mind. Jasper was convinced she was guaranteed many returns of the day now and every day and forever ever after. Her blatant naivity was as plain as the diamond-studded promise ring in her nose. Jasper had made, in her mind, a fine alliance with Jadish and that was her calling card, an entry into the world of the Priviledged.
In Jasper's world yesterday,
All had loved Jasper the Younger. Something had changed lately. She had what was much more than "je ne sais quo", she had "I don't know, that little something; orginality" Lizzy would often say to her closest friends that recently had come out of the cloistered.
"It must be love, the way I feel today" Jasper's wide smile continued its ever widening arc as she spun on her tiptoes defying gravity. Like an ephemeral ballerina, completing a full pirouette, she was flying. But unlike a swirling dirvish she became more and more light-headed with each turn. Soon she was spinning wildly, the guilded world of hers spinning in too much of a good thing. This world of hers all of a sudden made it impossible to stand anymore as the centrifical force flung her onto her luckily safely onto her luxuriously thick canopied bed. Her face facing the berber carpeting, letting go of the cheese quiche she had for lunch at the Boehme with Jadish.

Jasper laid prostrate after her girlish spinning around and around ten times or more for luck in front of her cheval mirror. "Nothing will be better than this feeling of heaven; love is so wonderful!"
Jasper did love her many finely appointed liasons and secret dalliances with her long term paramour. Their love, though forbidden by the Love was a treasure, a love, with little cubbies to explore in the world that catered to her every whim, every desire satiated and complete.
it was
Jasper could see in her mind's eye the very lofty rafter where the order was issued in the cloaked that sealed the young lassie's fate. A fait complete. A fate worse than death. Paulo and Lizzie knew what it would mean to their careers if they did not follow the Sublime Orders. Professionally they would suffer as much as Jasper

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