Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm I Just: A Test Pattern

There could be this
There could be that
There may be this and that
If only that were this
and visa versa
I'd figure out the question
of inside out and topsy-turvy
backward speech
and whirly gigs that go
counterclockwise on the bias
not to say I am biased about
upside down
but really
even clowns get to fall down
after awhile
and stay put
their masks melt
their insides come out
spilling their guts along
with a few after circus beers
they spill and yarn the true tail
of their life in the skids
as a little kid
they were mucked up
and you know all the glitter
in the world
cant stop a tear from falling
well maybe it can for a moment
and then the curtain peek
and the wizard too has zits
and life isnt just soft
and doughy
but rough and toughy
and clowns cry when smiles
and faces melt
when plastic only has a
boiling point of less than but more than
-378 degrees Celcius
So what's the baloney?
with the milk and cookies
and all life's secrets
and test patterns on hold
aren't just a decoy
in the Milky Way
comes crashing down
like some sad clown
under the Big Top
a rip off
too many Dang-blang Lies!

jj 19 022 2010

" The truth may lie beneath or it may just lie"

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