Saturday, February 6, 2010

Turn on the Love Lights

Shallow-hearted Lake of desert
Empty-Shelled cup of endlessness
Bountiless Sea
Never giving up
Formless pearls
Vacant Stairs leading nowhere
Vacant Stares reflecting more space
Mirrors return same
locked in droll from the dolldrums
Deep-set eyes reflect no spark of life
Life became lifelessness
learned helplessness
remote controlled nonpurposefullness
useless as used up
Lifelessness becomes Lifefullness
Life lifts up the light of lightfullness of being

Today seemingly riding
that endlessness of wave
on the dead end of the last extinguished spark
returns returned
negative Gamma Rays from the positive exchangability
alternating time and space in an instant adds up
life keeps flickering
on the end of a flame
dancing protoplasma
right on the edge of eternity life holds on
nothing wholly exhausted
neurons and protons
decide when it is right
to switch the light on or off
again and again
the strobe effect
making me slow down so much more
as the light switching on and off
goes faster
how is this so
this exchange of back and forth
here and there
and nowhere
nowhere is only a figment
a fragment
of something which
some process that
can switch all to opposing forces
by the magnetic interchangeability
of great switcheroo
turn off the lights
turn on the love lights

jj 06 02 10

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