Saturday, February 6, 2010

tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock

(play theme song from Pink Floyd's "Time")

the unwelcoming moonface on the wall
haunting septre of the swayed fray
Shadow stealers
Stop not the tick tock
of the heart beat
drop dead ungorgeous
gorged on my blood
sanquine time again
noting my beats
noting my benchmarks
noting my blaze of glory or gory or both

each moment duly recorded
tick tock
each minute so quickly diminished
gone in a vacuum of space

if only i could use that dread
tick tock
as energy for a pace maker
making me reel with each
second rocked
debriding me of flesh
ripping off yet more
pieces of heart
making me long for yesterday
when i was so much more
than the decay that soon sets in
with each
tick tock

As a whale who somehow knows
the beach is not always a place
to party late into the night
the beach beckons
as space mets with time
and soon runs out
we all run out sooner or later
although life force can make
chi life a bit longer if you know how
witch doctors know how to make it live
as life is an energy force
captured only for so long
as the beached whale on the beach
knew too well
tick tock
it became too loud
if the whale didnt get scared
he could have delayed the
by fooling the body into believing
tick tock
wasnt really the melody
just the beat of a unknown player
trying to take centre stage
far too soon

Poor beached whale
struggles with the inevitable
no more
struggles with tick tock
and the clock that mocks our very lives
each day
going by
bye bye
one day

as the sounds from the beach
far into the night
caterwhales whoops and hollers
rather grimy sea urchins
come to take away
as suddenly as life
death swoops in
set in long ago
the body fights with all its got
to keep at bay
the dreaded decay
as rigamourtis sets in
and soon the body lightens
as to dust and lighter than air
the molecules that held
followed it out
but flesh goes nowhere
and soul goes before
not waiting for the flesh to catch up
the soul flies into unity once more
being everywhere at once
no separation of space and time
two parts making whole
the beginning from the end
and the being of one
tick tock
not heard

jj 06 02 10


  1. could the tick tock be protons and neutrons bouncing off one another until one day when they combine? ohhhh interesting huh?

  2. is time speeding up? what would we have to measure against. If the standard time is nuclear and the nuclear clocks are our source of standard time, and they speed up on the molecular level, we wouldnt know if time speed up unless; we could check out other points in the universe and compare? So if we are speeding up we may not realize it. We could be living our lives in nanoseconds that just seem like regular lifetime. Ohhhh this gets wierd. I think we may not have anyway of slowing the atomic clock or do we? Yes, maybe. OUr minds are the wall that defeats the two worlds? the gamma neg and the gamma positive and the wall which is life. Life is effected by the tick tock but maybe it wasnt suppose to be as we once eternal and then got the proton neutrons to intersect with us and effect us, and change us back and forth in the "mirror" which is an imitation of the life we should have known as eternal creatures? Our bodies no doubt different then. Spirit bodies? Maybe then we will go back to this perfected form. Great, huh?

  3. Well, I came to tell you that I answered your excellent comment about my inhalers etc. on the blog under the comment, but not knowing if you will be back or not, I also brought it over here.


    Yes, I use a nebulizer four times a day. I also use two kinds of inhalers four times a day and one of the two twice a day. I use oxygen when I need it but must use it at night as I also have sleep apnea. We have an excellent air cleaner on the furnace and it runs 24 hours a day. We use water like steam but not the old fashioned humidifiers. I have both emphysema and asthma plus thin spots all over both lungs called, blebs, and the left lung has collapsed three times meaning hospitals and chest tubes and the works. I keep hoping I get over this but sometimes wonder. I officially have COPD. Plus heart disease.

  4. Heart and lungs are always acting in synch, so what effects one effects the other. You have wonderful hospitals in the US. Mayo Clinic, etc. If you can tx your heart ailment you may find relief in the lung dept and visa versa. Not sure but I know the seriousness of heart conditions. Best to keep the heart well monitored as well, and if you arent getting better; time to look around for a 2nd opinion. We are suppose to live to 200 ya know! Hoping the new research will allow this, but I wonder why it is not coming down the pike yet. The knowledge is there just not the application. Must be the social implications of keeping all us "boomers" going and is possible. Have you looked into nutritional science, and alternative meds?