Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Emotional Truth in Music (expert Dr. J)x's

Emotional Truth is related to music;. Harmony: When two or more notes are placed together to create harmony, the mathematical sequence is placed upon 1,3,5 sequence or a major triade.
What exactly is Harmony? Music is played in the key of g and the relative minor sequence, keys are A minor, D minor and B7. Listen to Buddhist monk chanting in the Key of G (etc) and the Gregorian Chants etc. There is a definite healing harmony. Ohm for example, a meditative sound, usualy in the Key of G. Why G?
As the Greeks knew; there is truth in the spheres and the music they make. Will we discover these truths before it may be too late? We know so little of the soul music which heals, and reflects our emotional truths like heart strings on the celestial violin. We can find these truths through music education and research. Much to be learned.Support the Arts our hearts depend upon it!

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