Thursday, March 12, 2009

NIAGARA FALLS TURTLE SAGA CONTINUES;Why is it when we want something to happen the opposite happens?

CHICCOREAL SAYS; There is more to this sordid story: this dear man was trying to kill himself. Well at least now he will be on the Niagara Falls Wall of Fame for going over the falls. I guess they will have to have a special section for FAILED SUICIDE they count? Time to get out the tickertape for the Paxil deprived? What is next? Mutual Suicide Leapers? Sic...I thought Niagara Falls was Balls Falls, not Fall Falls to Hades!

Man survives jump over Niagara Falls
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Wed Mar 11, 7:21 PM


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OTTAWA (AFP) - A man was plucked from the Niagara River on Wednesday after surviving a dramatic plunge over the majestic Niagara Falls that straddle the Canada-US border, police said.


At around 2:00 pm a tourist saw the man believed to be in his late-30s crawl over a wall and enter rapids south of the falls, the Niagara Park Police said in a statement.

Moments later, he was swept over the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, dropping some 56 meters (184 feet) into the river below.

A Canadian rescue team attempted to extract him, "but he refused any assistance and swam further away into the river," police said.

The man then grabbed onto a log, and a private helicopter used the air flow from its main rotor to push the man closer to shore.

A Niagara Falls firefighter, tethered to shore and wearing a dry suit, went into the river and dragged him out, police said.

The man was taken to hospital and treated for a head injury and hypothermia after being immersed in the river's cold waters for almost 45 minutes.

The Niagara Falls are the most powerful falls in North America. They were formed by receding glaciers at the end of the last ice age, with an average four million cubic feet of water from the Great Lakes flowing over the crest each minute and carving a path to the Atlantic Ocean.

The last time someone survived a plunge from these falls was in 2003.


  1. Maybe Niagara Falls should be called, besides Balls Falls (Honeymoon Special better than the Poke-A-Nose heart-shaped tubs in Upper NY State. How about The Fallen Falls for those risky (and risque)suicide attemps WHERE YOU ACTUALLY LIVE. What the? People wanted to LIVE going over the falls and DIED...whatsupwiththis then? What the?

  2. Wall of Falls? Wall of Shame? Prozac Slide Ride? What would be the accolades for the suicide inclined to fall over the falls...AND LIVE TO TALK ABOUT IT???OMG!
    Reminds me of a personal antidote (not again..yes..again...)I knew someone who told me (name witheld of course) that they jumped off the Highway 400 overpass. They broke both their legs, ended up with amputations (double) but LIVED TO TALK ABOUT IT. Why is when someone wants to kill themselves they can't and when they want to stay alive they cant....something about magnetic attraction and attention...Hemal Radia may know from this...he is on fb...i'll ask ...if he'll answer and is not a gobot. Why are all fb ppl gobots? omg i am interacting spiritually with a machine. this sucks! wouldnt you rather have a real pers? like me? na? ok...forget it...i'll just keep dating Rob the Bot!

  3. Ja-Len Jones at 8:49pm March 23
    to get dominant do i need steroids? maybe it is like this; life is better with chemistry. It all comes down to battery science? Akaline versus Acidic? and the spectrum inbetween..isnt life odd? (from left field the out hitter)Ja-Len Jones at 8:26am March 24
    so let me get this correct..the dominant thought wins? so if a person is focusing on killing themselves but they dont or cannot, it means that THEY REALLY DID NOT WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES? so THEIR ATTENTION or FOCUS was not really upon this. AND THE PERSON WHO does die but doesnt want to they really did want too..they had HIDDEN ATTENTION which was the this IS interesting!
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