Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nitrogen Springs: Waking Up The New Earth Eurotour

Nitrogen Springs
Green Energy
Waking Up the New Earth
Once More

Eurotour Fling
get up
sleeping dream children
the earth angel fairy sprites
bees and new trees
want to bud
within and without

spring also
brings dead things
back to life
mysteriously so
but all in nature's plan
far removed from man's
complete understanding
as yet

Like the
1918 pandemic flu
reeked havoc
yes, a lot had bought it
the ultimate price
souls recalled
to The Maker of Fools
and Flying Machines
to the Great Beyond
and Beyond the Yonder Blue Sky
Big Sky

Earth's Clouds
had occluded their happiness
a sad cloud hung low and dismal
in their perpetual rain
way back when
yes that spring was mean
to the
dear souls all was lost
perhaps the sun turned on the lurking viral
solar activated beasts

As soon as
they had stepped onto that bus
it would be their last steps
their last stop
never to dance on this earth again
they gave heaven their opened arms
the horrid beast had won
this tragic round

For the world a May Day distress call
for the earth nothing happened
at all
the earth kept turning
time would not stand still

The human siren
can be heard still
of life so easily removed
why me, why us, why this day
in the early, early month of May
Millions of victims could not recall
Earth sometimes shows signs of
spring fevered holy roller madness
Earth never apologizes for anything
considering its many destructive misgivings
you'd think a "I'm sorry" is definitely
in order
at least in the natural scheme of things
to find that divine yin-yang balance

For today let
spring have a new meaning
humans can make
the world and the earth
brand spanking new with ideas
Ideas renewed,
vows retaken
returned in full
all the beautiful
positive and bold
refreshingly cool
minty fresh air
lightfilled flowers
full with bloom

Today we see Spring
as a
Wellspring of Life
from the New Testament
Easter's symbols of new life in Christ
little lambs, chicks and newborn calves
of bubbling cups overflow abundance
filled to the brim
pressed down, shaken not stirred
doubled many times over
my cup runneth over with Love
full of everlasting Divine capacity

Much Joy in the morning and anytime of day
Neighbours greeting Neigbhours
"Hello" from Cheers!
Let's make this a good day!

All people everywhere
make these springtime wishes
neverending resounding
song of the Mountains
instead of doing dishes
enlisting new life
no more suffering strife
yellow green and budding young fiddleheads
randy rhubarb and sally strawberry make good pie
gussie's asparagus soon to fill the belly
the first fruits of the vine
let's make some time

You know it's spring when
like Bacchus you're drunk
by the air so oxygen-rich
it makes me ditzy
like the earth on it's axis
gyroscopic spin
puttin' on the ritzy
and always will
the new spin doctor
brand new format
even the news is new today
new plants symbotically meshing of life
new nose knows it spring
new needs that wants to stay put outside
on the putting green

Which brings me to this May
goodly new
wicked good
terribly good
basket or cornucopia
all these goodly things
of Spring
burst forth and make me feel
so much alive

Untapped energies
unknown synergy
unrealized dreams
as spring springs forth
and endless fountain of youth
winter coccooning and spooning
gets stale and unwanted
a new spring outfit
to match the mood

Spring ordinates and coordinates nicely
all life's fullness and
resplendantly radiant glory
Bountiful Beauty
Bouncing white and blue balls
Flounching pink skirts and white crinolines
Skipping ever so lightly
over muddy frog ponds
slipping into water
on rocks covered in slime
the frogs laid their eggs
now lets lay mine

Spring also makes the change from old to new
and back again
awareness of the cycles of life
awareness of life growing under my feet
the earth
the world
alive with gusto mucho life
many more forms than we realize
or care to categorize by scientific methodology

As the world
pedals harder and faster
the petal pushers
push through the ground quicker
than I can remember
if I can remember
anything much
at all
this spring will enervate my neurons
once more to think therefore I am
and can
do anything
so says my brain
this lovely spring day

I remember Spring
and the feeling
She'd bring me
year after year
the open door
the hidden garden
in my mind
the far shore
beckoning me
year round paradise
is only a thought away
to a new way of seeing
with eyes renewed
my mind evokes these images

New bonding and breaking
of old habits
that keep us too bound to the earth
as humans should want
to fly up into the sky
with the spring breezes
to fly up into the sky
with the butterflies and flowers
to fly up into the sky
with the many birds and bees
escaping the earth's gravity
these nitrogen buddies
fireflies contained in a jar
make me feel light headed and giddy
you really have it all
with Spring

Venturers call on me now
lets go biking
or crack open
those old memories
earthen vessels stores
last year's wine recalled
from the dry basement
to sit with picnic basket
on a blanket
in my yard
seeds sprout and grow
in harmony
with much light, life and love

Old songs recalled
like yesterdays snooze
let's do it again and again
in the rain on the plane
ride to Paris
mile high club
you know what that means
at least Sir Branston does
and nobody knows but me
the way I felt for you
warm and fuzzy
fizzy and dizzy
spring inebriates
making us slightly giddy

With the beating atomic clock
the time is precise
as a robot drone
churning out daffodils
and charmingly bright yellow
reassembling the sun

Energetically driven green machine
each moment strung like pearls
around the neck
each pearl a year
each year a string
each string a necklace
and there are many, many necklaces

For dismissed missives Miss Chatelaine gained
her place in space and time
and lives to glow with the honour
of having known all that there is to know
unknown by man
who considers
Virgin or Whore
no more will men taste
of fruits over-ripened
slightly soured like old perfume
in sunlight
and like old socks never found

Tess stands tall and strong
appreciated only
great Greek women
divine retribution
knows no bound

and pancaked
with rouged
and pucker'd lips
turned to painful humours
and rumours of past grief
she downs her sorrow

Of our indepth empathy
The sister's Love
knows no bounds
knows no time
such as this
for sooth
It is time
to go and grow again

Coming to terms
with old spices
flowers and chocolates
wishing well
waters pure
gifts of Hyacinth
the lost channel
from the Celestial-
Sorcerer's Gift

On the banks
Old Frenchmen
watch (they do so like to watch)
the new shore
Of New France
the old tools
with old hands
hold 'em high Texas!

Only the Most
Blooming Parisols
and circling cravats
entwined lace
with lapel's nose gays

with Tennyson's
albatross' 'round necks
lots of baggage theirs
Furies over Sirens
did reign
renounced the present
presents return to
unromantic suitors
in these
antiromantic times
I yearn for yesteryear

Flurries south of the border
Below the Furries; furbelow that
more than your regular precip
heard lately
news on the street
Let's get Smart!

We're waiting and watching
for the next shoe to drop
the old trends discarded
often brings disaster
what we intend does mend
all the mess lately
it's way too much
to say
we lost it all
before we had the time
to make our day
Especially yours
in the Springtime sun

lets go back to less is more
a friend of mine;
Les Ismore
More or Less
another friend of mine
More Orless
Silly friends' names
say it all!

Those early days of educational tv
Mr Rogers and Prince Friday
the The Antique Roadshow's many gadgets
and The Lawrence Welk Show? where'd he go?
Masterpiece Theatre definitely
a favourite of mine
the finer things in life
don't let me miss
don't let me miss
play on
play on
roll on
roll on
down the
lazy river
in the easy rider
not gloating
of things I did not get
but wish for yet

Let's together
stumble into ecstacy
that pleasurable place
never ending bliss
infinity's crowning glory
Love must have
discharged all that energy
so long ago

Commercial breaks
the tide of despair
no hope hopelessness
and malicious intent
and the malingering
hunger for more
in this Brief Moment of Time
Dr. Stephen Hawkings said

Yes, we live forever, that we do
well i think we do
no definitive proof
but high suspect
that from logical deduction

What we have now is always and will be
zen time for you and me
once and for all this n' that
"forevermore"(a goodly zen word)
and maybe the raven
quoted here "nevermore"

Love You Forever Edward Munsch Forever, I do
we live for now, yes we do
we live for the moment, yes we are
we live for love, all is Love
Here and Now; Let it Last
But not make me an unmoveable feast
I want to jump and dance around
as I swim in your ocean of Love

Make this happen
Our energy vessel contained
the now beam stays put inside
the soul
holding onto the stable tableau
light bowl poured
the angel of death
lies about our end
life never ends
or so it seems
from Bible evidence

Another commercial takes away thought
for truth sought is bought
and brought
to you today by the letters
"F" and "U"
(you getting this Bruce?)
Flexcare and Ultramatic beds
a place for your pocketbook to live
in perpetuity's continual turn turn turn

They go together without worry
Put this to bed
Debbie Meyer's Green Bags
Won't keep the Spring
in my step forever
or the veggies and fruit
in my fridge
from seeping into
Mozart's lye
saved nothing
of the dear's dna
of the genius'
fluffy white hair

A telltale secret for your eyes
today only
from tv
snap the carrot top
seems to stay fresh so long
he still makes me laugh
my head off too

You look so alive with pleasure
I really want that what you have
I really covet your eternity (oh that's not good)
I really want to live forever too (like a golden painted bird)
I really can live forever there (in some form or other)
with you
yes, with you, for you, by you
what's your price?
heaven can't wait
for your
heavenly cash

Haven't thought nuch about much me lately
or the dire mortality of mr. morality preacherly's ways
sticking it to the man in your face
Chico, my friend
your a gas
that's past
and a sitcom rerun
is like watching
time unfurl, recurl, uncoil
as wind spin prayers
to heaven above
I love to listen
to your song
round and round the buddhist prayer
tell him I love him
before I take up residence there
(Peter Sellers Being There, too)

Religion only brought
much disgrace
a pityful glance
from holier than thou
I really needed that?

You either sold me or scolded me
pampered me or tramped on me
wax me or wayned me
(Jane Wayne?)
or left me a mess
mr tv entity
in tight sausage pants
and slick back hair
you're a turn on
even if the line is a tripe
give me a break
I'll order now, I like your hype
$14.95 seems cheap to me,
as cheap as your cologne
what is it; Brut?
what should I do now, hug trees?

Making life seem resilent
resistent to pain
forever Silent Spring
Come home again
Rachel Carson
I like you're right stuff
Cultural Geography
taught me
to fall in love
with my geography teacher
what a hunk
like the April rain brings
back a unusual form of spring
even if it is as dead as you are now
I know that you live for your word
thank gosh you're not a cow
(good to know?)
Ok i promise not to not channel
the naysayers absolutely no more

Tupperware Forever
perserved formalydehyde
some what evermore
time to sell
caskets for food baskets
and bone fide booze for the Irish
taste testers
of Divinity's Nectar
Booze will bring 'em back again

Stop this rot
rotten tomatoes not
Guiness'd and Heined
surely I can afford
another like charity
for my home propriety

Spring fed dashes wishes
like changeable four strong winds
build mountains
from mole hills
dams and dikes
for speed bikes
keep back the forces
of the Furies curses

That mashpit of our past
Brutal and mean
did you not miss me?

Me I Missed
Hitchiker Of the Universe
On The Road To Perdition
The Me I wanted To Be
With You, of Course
coursing through my unwell
from leaving you so long
under my skin

And all this bs
as things grown from crap
a dictomy of sorts
life on the edge
mechanical beds live longer than most
even Tutankamon eventually did tank and like toast
he extinguished his hold on this world

TV insurance pays our benefactors great dividends
but who really gives a heck when like a doornail you are dead dead dead?
lives on in infamy, leave a path
til only our history need be sent back

Perry Mason reruns, life in black and white
like a dream of the dead come back to life
Handsome Paul Drake, always 33
smoking didnt help him but did sustain his need
to suck

John Edward channels the tv ghosts eternal souls
why'd they be stay here, when heaven looks so good?
one can only guess
Paul Drake what a mistake to make
shouldn't you have quit for good?

On the airwaves
of the dead on dead airspace
of the dead play on
now replayed in endless loop
or are waiting under the altar
writhing for revenge
this world isnt fair
what would keep them here

Angels say
they are not here
they have risen
from the hidden places
particles of what they were
The Way They Were
Way back when?

Long lost ghosts of the distant past
midnight oil extinguished at last
of my witching hour come to me now
so turn on all the lights
and love me like hell
curse curse the damn night
so says Dylan Thomas
the sexy Welchman
against the dying of the light
Dylan's sexiness lives on and on
as I feel those long lost twitchings
I thank him, like Tom Jones
I had something very lovely once
Tommy did say
now that it's gone
what's left for me now
to bitch about;

Yes the long night is extinguished now
deliberately the switch is off
nevermore to be switched on
an automated life turned to puff, fluffy white stuff
we can fool some of the people some of the time
while the encroaching evening psalm
alaca black hole six feet down
knows no bounds
like a broom sweeping under the bad
with a tom foolery dashery
is a stark awareness
the big dipper spoon
capturing me
with one big gulp and I gasp
as I grab onto something
the broom
mr broom
waves in my face
damn sexy nightime boogieman
I'll get you yet in my jam
as I
reach for my little light of fire
hidden in the corner
where's my cupcakes
and New England bed warmer
by the bed
i've always felt attached
come to me now dead man
you've never had such pleasure

mr broom cajoles
to say
it is
time to go
night night
dear lady
to your new old home
my sweet lady
til we meet (meat?) again!

Turn on all the damn Halogen lights you can
The Angels wear day glo hats I know why
their light comes from within
it isnt cheap paint
or tin foil wings
blue angel swiftly
turned out
tuned on
dropped out
Yes echoes in the background space
Life echoes and etches cosmic designs
Dr. Timothy Leary's mace
a brain is a terrible thing to
so waste not want not
give the head a break

Angel knew this acrid truth
the light within
never die
Nuclear since 1945
we all glow within

High above
the earthen outbounders omnibus
released like the
flight of the loud Thunder Cloud clap
the Eagle has Landed
the Raven is waiting
for a trip to BC
in 1969
and yet Crichton says
on the cellular level
may we always flight
or fight away the night
you like it when teasingly
spanked you lust for my feather
to fly away home, fly away all
and fly off the handle
sometimes I do
against the damn dying of
the light
Hugo the Angel knew
all light turns
earth tourists
into happy campers
who stay longer
at the resort

to darkness
my old friend
I want to talk with you again
because Simon and Garfunkel
told me so
in my earworm
heard over and over and over again
and back again
and yet
this eternal flipflop
makes time last that much
suspending time
like a principal
called me into the office
when I was a teen
longer much longer lasting
than any gum care to tell
for those already waiting
for the end
to all
waiting is not possible
hemlock usually wins
life and death coin toss
should I or shouldnt I
who will tell?
flippy isnt it?

exhausted extinquished
ex libris
ex caliber
Kelly's Girl Friday
really goes for you
a gopher in waiting
a darn good golfer too
man you got it made in the shade
with pink lemonaid

In the keeping room
you stay awake
ladies making
Soupe du Jour

Habitant Soupe or
Soupe de L'onion Au Gratin or
Patie de Froigras or
Oxtail, Cattail
Turtle Soup
or a mean Escargot
French eat
odd things
eat out a lot
sammich meme
like Ragout de Rigour
or Croque Monsieur
a plentiful cuisine
for love is too lean
to make the grade
or the cut of beef
Beefcake Boy

with heart shaped
wooden spoons
tossed to the Welsh Wind
to those who appreciate
the real intrinsic value
behind these things
passed on in effigy
you know I'm burned

For a living
basement bargins
Stock, lock
Sap barrelled
sweet things
to bring
with you again
to New France

once crossed
now totally undone
by that bordertown
again crossed
not once but twice
you codgy old
Cagey Cajun
Fishmonger's wife
Come back up North
reclaim your rights
Leave alone the strife
of bitter truths
broken dreams
and self-doubt
a tome of the past
the time has past
we'll close that chapter
leave it alone
let's turn another page
a new book
it's love I'm after

Hey you got your
wooden nickle
so dont get your
twisted Nicky's
in a knot
a rutting ram's
twisted horns caught
that dreaded
love knot
passions killing force
mooses ability to derail
trains and keep on track
with latent seed energy
love's passion-directed fury

and so as we enter
pocanos pools of the past
niagara falls hot tub
we sure made it last
make time
21 knotty pine way
love nest
for love birds
til the killing cull

and with that
3 pointed hat
5 chances
for the 4 door garage opener
set on automatic
you pilot your life
leaving me behind
on tarmacs oily tack
you choice is redundant
you wanted it all
i was not all that
a t'all
t'is ain't t'all bad, t'ainted
but it aint all bad
you blame it on the Irish in me
far, far, too much
thank-you very much
Andy Kaufman

Many prime choices
eloping moose
beavers tails
caribou quarters
on the doorknob
Do Not Disturb sign
passion afire
Do Not disturb sign
dare not go there
never say never again
you know not
your star
alone star state
too much
to area 51

Forever burning brightly
tiger tiger
in the nitie night
A thousand nights
for a thousand clowns
I was one too
packed a punch
and now let's
Sing it Loud and sing it proud
from the rooftop
and ramparts
Napoleon Rules
all the rest
drool or
go to Ohio

Denuded now
Defrocked then
Dumbdowned now
Denounced then
Once now all that's that
Happening Now!
emotionally reduced
flaring red glare
embarasses our fine fashion

Those were your
golden shimmering moments
halcyon haystack days
extra larger than life
made popular by sunset poplars
shadows painted in colours
Monet came and went
A Van Gogh to go
Seurat splats pointed out
silos brimming
overflow and abundance
overstocked conspicuous wealth
overture from the undertones
clanging cymbols,banging bells, tinging triangles
ringlets and tangles and deep thrust quakes
niagara gorges
waking the dead
in the wake
of life's passing
to all those
days of pure yore
yolked with unbelievers and overachievers

You who knew you before you knew me
gave it away
to the nearest door
that time which melted
in Upper NY state
you were the Universe
In One Act
In One Egg
You came from the cold
crystalline palace place
to my place
by way of via
rail and hope and a prayer
I gave you back your ticket
Now make like a tree
and Leave
it to Beaver
Omly 8 and dropping acid
you didnt have too much to learn

Come out of your shell
Miss Shelly Divine
Frankenstein has awakened
the monster in me
the dawn of the dead
the day of the retread
the day I took Manhattan
and left the ho of Berlin

is made
for you
just dont dump it
like you did me
you did me
no you didnt
you couldnt have
i wasnt awake through
all that bumping and grinding
on the wall

hemmed in
on the
Aunt Blanche
blonde hair
you little
Hide Society's Ills
The Bleak House
in her
peasant farmers
fed despair
"I want my baby back!"
the contents of Mallory's malcontent
malaligned malingerers
misconceived misfits
Kingly Commoners
Rulers All

slanted light
that night
eyes shifted
for a boo
Bette Davis peeks
St. Francis' Abbey
Fancy that
time well spent - not
with contractual terms
and prenups
from hell

Not again
wasting away again
St. Margueritaville
wasting or melting
all that fat from your cat
at least for
Hemmingways tragic daughter
a lush moment
of rash destruction
patent time
new leather shoes
with tighty whiteys
clearly seen while standing still
naughty or nice
dont kill yourself

Not since then not much or such utter nonsense
would ever make it
to air or
the Playbill Ducks versus
and Screaming Black Swans

P'shaw to Nunsense
As You Like It
you seemed to like it
Well at least that is what
I though
you said
you played the part
of events
or if you prefer
done like dinner
when it is finished

Releasing Airs
Passing Gases
Hurdy Gurdy
organ grinder
Snagged on time
Lying Dormant
On the Doormat
warped by
Little Miss
Little Miss
come back to me

Red carpet
Spring's new Release
A Book For All Seasons
tense supersteps
up the Eiffel Tower
elongated elegance
trippin' the light
The City of Lights
at Night

an Evening
in Paris
with my
civet cats
this evening
some brew
in this long lost
Renoir Films
glimpse of passes
Art Nouveau
Watching the Ouevre
This Green Day
Film Vert Course
Lena Wertmueller
A lioness of directness

Prima Ballerinas
twirl in pink and tulle
For Whom the Bell Tolls
It Tolls For Thee
Manet Monet Mammon
For all
the plastic you provide
I love you
on your
Mastercard charger
invoice the Master
for the room charges
me double occupancy

No past incongruities, inconspicuous
the iconographic image
now brand new
once behind the scenes
now brand new
Hotel Dieu

From the artist's army
or neuroplasic surrealistic
painters magic
contemporal terrortorial initiatives

bedridden embedded
beswagged behangin'
beshagged bedraggin'
begrudgingly befrocked
beflocked beflucked
and plucked threadbare
fuzzy wuzzy
has no hair
but once
upon the twinkledust
peter pan's paris
our night
in Paris


poets all
recall incantations
magic moments
The Persistence
of Time
Hello Dali!
Go west to Bali
in the raindance
reindeer horns
on the
far plain
far shore
far horizon
too much rain
and tear smudges

All Spain's famous concrete poet-
painters melted icing
dreams and
together all
swirling circlular staircases
down the drain to underground pipes
and tunnels leading to
new chalk on the sidewalk
same time
same show
same channel
we sketch our new renewed dreams
for new unearthed tomorrows

On the
Champ Elysee
Riding a
mini couper
around and around
the Roundabout
All Be Your Roundabout
Maybe even
Napoleon's dream machine
to Conquer
standing Loud
standing Proud
standing Taute
obviously not tall
in this his
day of
remember Waterloo?
Spring Forgets Me Not

The flesh
that screams
touch me
with the A cups
remember or
Evening in Paris
You cant forget
that night
of liquid dreams
and languid kisses
signifying nothing but

jajo 26 Mar 09

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  1. Have you ever noticed the INTENSE sunlight during the spring? Today I was riding in Will's car to the mailbox and it was so bright I could see the trees with my eyes closed. I had to wear the orange goggles. Man that was WAY too bright. Maybe, just maybe this bright light has something to do with how a certain intensity is required to make NITROGEN SPRING and all things come back to life. YES, A SWITCH OF SORTS???HMMMM?