Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19th Century Poets Knew From Love

Dear Bruce: You have gotten me to thinking again. Ouch!

Proust must have an answer, n'est pas? C'est la meme

choices. One of Proust's contemporaries must have hammered

the same golden mask of Love's design Love doesn't "play

right" in the poetry of today and is often absent in

intensity and purpose.
I like how Proust shows no effort in recording his love of

life. The romantic lived for love. There are no true

romantics today. Well, maybe Leonard Cohen. Proust is

profoundly subtle and almost journalistically modern in his

literary skills of recording his world, his times.
Proust along with the greatest minds of the historic past

are buried in the same cemetery where all the great 19th

century writers, artists, thinkers are buried in perpetuity

at Cimetière du Père Lachaise Paris, France (same place

where Jim Morrison is supposedly laid to rest).
What great mysteries revealed before the atomic structures

changed. Steeped in the classics, the poets of yore knew

what was important. However, once the oeuvre (cosmic egg

cracked) in the 20th century with the first atom bomb,

Love's meaning faded.
Love indeed was divine and honourous back then, it really

had a hold on the creative imagination; greatly missing

today. One has to wonder; why is Love delegated to the

backseat in the 20th century? We have switched our

priorities; technology the new Love goddess.
At least the kind of Love which I am sure was known to the

likes of Proust. Even though his type of love was a

forbidden love(as per 19th century moralism) he seemed to

have his finger on the trigger of the essence of Love.
It would have been nice to have known Proust back then and

the kind of love he employed. It was not naughty but

meaningful and purposefully executed with precision and

The kind of love and dedication which had meaning and

purpose. Maybe embrassing lovers were encompassing an

unknown template of love's design that was to propel

humankind to a New World Order of Love? Lovers were Don

Juan's in training, romantics all, no thought of

technology, just deep-seated meaningful everlasting love.
Not the pithy kind of non-Love today. Love never mocked or

ridiculed or cruel stings and nettles set upon the vengeful

political usurpership of today. Marry money was always a

goal of the powerful. But for the others who knew only

love's design, this made the world great.
No one really has that sacrificial Love obsession today,

and if they do, it is either boring or dangerously

psychotic. No skill-set for the modern poet describes the

absolute need to Love like the romantic poets.
Today, there is so much else to distract us from Love's

purposeful design, either that or the templates of Love's

design are broken forever. Love was really to die for back

then, literally. It was a cause.
Men did really profess to Love's absolute hold. Or least it

looked that way. Rather than surface level love equals

physical attraction, deep and meaningful love was eternal

and these mysteries, although not understood completely,

were accepted in society. Today, no one believes in true

love. There is no quest, no mountain to climb, no purpose

in love when anyone will do. Love back than was specific

and deliberate.
Once Love's infatuation and romance faded poets turned to

pending issues of the 20th century and Romance died. Proust

was panning for some other unconquered love interest. Maybe

it is good Proust is staying where he is, as it did get a

too bit much of a good thing. Love takes a lot of energy.

Now to dig up the old methods, traditions of the romantic

poets. We just cannot conceive of the romantic mind today.

The meaning of which will stay buried indefinitely.

The ancients and newly departed since 1889.

Love will certainly wait for the new dawn and soon to be

resurrected poet's souls from beneath the altar of these

ancient passions. Once new forever forgotten in the

scramble of molecules decay.jajo

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