Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things Occupying My Mind Today...Always New For You

The Irish believe in "charms" as in "a charmed life" in "Lucky charms".Simple Superstition! Not sure where Irish charm concept orginated, but material wealth and the "dowry" are mementos of the past. Things about the "woman" let The Quiet Man's woman (Maureen O'Hara)to remember her deceased mother and father, I believe. It isn't so much the material wealth, but rather the connection the "things" past and the joy things bring when it comes to having a connection or a "touchstone cairn" to the past. In this way, things makes life complete. However, I am thinking about going Feng Shui...not sure if I can, really. Addicted to The Waltons (70's tv show)these supposedly poor mountain folk had lace curtains and stained glass. Irish were poor dirt farmers. The accumulation of things could mean "social" climbing, or a perceived wealth. All these things are very important to the Irish, but mostly it is all about Love.jajo

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