Saturday, March 14, 2009

Never Stop Questioning

Being different than the average Bear is not such a bad thing. There are reserves left over after the standard procedures are breached. There are other paths, travelled lightly, not known too well. The standard bearers are not the forebearers. Our classic standards are always being minimalized to a very narrow range of possibilities. Someday, this pattern, will change as "what goes around comes around".
If you feel you don't fit in, you probably do not. It is good to question why you feel like an outsider. We are all outsiders, so in this way, in our mind's eye, we can come to terms with it. When we know we are outsiders in an inner world that keeps shrinking and and outworld that keeps growing, we can understand that we don't perfectly fit into this world. Why not?
The reason the fit is poor is because we live in a dictomy. A dictomy is two opposite and equal (Newtonian equation) reactions because of our basic molecular structure. So if you feel different you can blame it on the War of the Molecules.
Today, I have come to term with my odd-ness. I am ok with it. It may bother some who are standard bearers of status quo. Let them have their party in their pants. For me, I will eat cake!

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  1. Party in their pants? Come on, now! I must have been thinking about "Cucumber, Cool"...I meant to say "let them have their pity party, I will not eat crow." Now that would make more sense. Thank-you ever so much eternal and dang efernal editor in residence!