Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ChipnLogs "Got A Lot of 'Splainin' to Do" thanks Ricky

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Company with software and hardware "potential". A potent mix of ideas from artists that get so frickin' frustrated by status quo "it's broke" world.

The concept firm realizes the huge gaps in understanding in the universe and the world in general. It is a GAP company (as in Standing In The Gap: not your average bar band from the 70'-80's). The company seeks to expand into the creative consciousness to come up with ideas that will save the Universe. Not a biggy, really. It is part of the Andromeda mission from 1984.

The new rewaxed Chipnlogs is really an outcropping of the fantastical world of men and women (ok, humans) that we really dont know on the primary conscious level. Chipnlogs seeks were no one seeks, it peeks in corners where people fear to dread. It is an awakening company with insight into Cosmic Consciousness of the Here and Now. Zen. Definitely Zen.

Chipnlogs initial claims were to produce a cleaned up wood lot. Then I thought, why not clean up more than windfall (like that word) tress that happen to crash into the forest floor of our minds? We have a lot of "cleanin' to do, Lucy". Yes, Ricky, we do indeed!

Chipnlogs concept can be Universal in scope, or point blank at the end of your nose reality. It is all what you want the company to be that day. Maybe one day you are dreamin' "big" BIG...B-----I------G!!!? Maybe you are thinking small because you are a biologist or a nuclear physicist. You had a eureka moment. You want to write it down, but you forgot and all mankind is lost because we were depending on you for those absolute moment of truth, and you forgot to put out the garbage, we you thought was more important than saving the Universe. ok.

Chipnlogs wants to "jumpstart" your heart and mind (creative) to make new headwinds, to caste doubt and dispersion to the wind, to take off eh, into the great beyond and hopefully have a tether and find our way back home. Where it all began. Something has become lost in the process. Chipnlogs aims at the reclaimation of all that has gone before, ancient secrets (even Chinese ones) and we will find the Source to all that use to save our skin. Before the flood.

Chipnlogs aims to be all all inclusive company open to all. No one is disallowed. We need all minds to keep the home fires stoked and to keep the neural discharge happening so we can keep at least one step ahead of the many looming disasters which threaten on a daily if not minute to minute basis our very lives.

Chipnlogs is looking for key critical executives to set up the program to allow for the complete discover of the uncovered worlds laying dormant in the amazing mind of humankind. There is an answer to all problems. Chipnlogs will find those answers.


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  1. Hey old BF: Arent all the geeks that love me really freaking you out,(that too) yah, me too...what's with this...omg I'm a geek chick wannabee!