Monday, March 2, 2009

Abolishment of Fear

Thank goodness the old prejudices are quickly dying or are

plain dead today. It is a good day when people can be

people without superficial surface discrimination and

resultant prejudice. It is similar to a person wanting to

read Irish writers to compare differences in culture;

cultures enrich, prejudices harm.

With the global economy, cultures are merging and the

differences are vanishing. The fear that created the

prejudices between people is not necessary for the "false

front of seeming powerfulness", as fences are defeated we

are strengthened.

Acceptance, understanding, and abolishment of fear and

prejudice is necessary to provide a realistic world view

"behind the fences that use to define us".

Thank goodness those old barriers are torn-down and as

President Ronald Regan's plea to the Iron Curtain

maintainance keepers; "Tear down this wall". We are all

people, just people who deserve individual rights and

freedoms, no matter who we are, or where we are from. There

is no "them" only "us" now. Amen to that brothers and

sisters all, Amen to that! jajo-

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