Sunday, April 5, 2009



Tingly Things
Pop-up bubbles
cold, shivering wet ice cubes
Whooshie Flushing thrushing heat
shimmering fringes arm hair erect
flickering fleeting feelings
emotively embarrassing falling feeling
scary fearful feelings of attack mode
after massage feeling
petting lovely pet
during meditation feeling
goofy silly playful teasing feelings
glad your here
smile, say


  1. Tingle came from my menopausal need to reconnect to old feelings that I am slowly getting out of touch with. What is the saying; "when you dont use it, you loose it"? Or something like that. I mean I feel like Jabba The Hutterite lately. I am feeling as fat as blot is blobby. Gosh it is horrible, horrible. Menopause is so mean. I mean I went for a year, no periods. Zippo. Well 8 months no periods. And now back with a vegeance. It is creeping me out. I feel ok go with the next blob out feeling. Really get into it. LIke if I am going to look and feel like Jabba, why not BE Jabba...right? And then those dismal low no feelings to oh my gosh too many feelings and feeling sorry for myself, what I lost in life, how shitty my life, how unlike Cinderella I really am. But a really keen thing happened in the midst of my menopausal gorilla attack. My leprachauns visited me, with their lilting Irish accents, saying "Janie, dont worry, Janie, things are going to OK" and other stuff like that I began to return the favour and talk like the leprachauns and then you know what? I began to feel a heck of a lot better. Of course, my earache still giving me a heck of time, but after my multi home remedies, and self-administered psychotherapy, I must say, I feel a heck of a lot better!

  2. Why is it whenever I get an earache (Rt ear) and am dizzy, weak, sick general malaise; I find my nodes go wild (wish it were Jane going wild) and all this menopausal crap, and then whamobamo another tornado another earthquake. Look at the wacko things happening when these earthly pressures these radon releasing substances that make my nose inside feel like it is burning and itch and smell like burnt aluminum. I get so sick and I cannot be sick as I must help the sick as a nurse not recognized (home care giver to spouse). So you see why I speak up; I have no other choice...I am doing this as much for me as you John Q Public) to pass this information down to posterity). Maybe not so bad. Maybe Aristotle will have something on Posterior Analytics. So what is it Nitrogen Spring? Sun flares at Spring...odd energy from the centre of the universe coming through the centre of the sun? New NOAA science needed? maybe?

  3. That "fat blobby jabba the hutt" feeling I had is probably due to asteroid Ceres coming in a day or so. I am beginning to feel normal again. Pressure of the full moon and Ceres? That got me thinking about how the moon could have had a larger influence on the world's gravity to the extent of creating near 0 gravity on earth; thus the Stonehenge rocks would be easier to move? Maybe? That old captured asteroid. Wasnt Ceres of moon of Saturn's...gheesh how many moons does Saturn have now, and then Jupiter? One of them could "escape" their orbit? Oh, another NASA launch tomorrow! yeah!