Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Encourage the Writer's Heart of Darkness: reprint from Mike's

Dear Gayle: Oh, that's interesting! Publishers/Editors

produce a moralistic stance by refusing "amoral" fiction?

Since days of Somerset Maugm and Jalna series, as well as

Peyton Place (hence Mad Men), I just do not see too many

fictional works without the recurrent them of adultry. If

you are writing books for a Religious publisher, well

that's a whole other ball game. Maybe publishers today are

trying to set the records straight and turn around the

Divorce American Style. Let's face is very

playboyish in the world of nonfiction. "Why?". "Because

(fortunately or unfortunately for end-resultant amorality)

'sex sells'". How's that in a "nutshell"? Nuts, eh?jajo
Dear Carol/Oaktree: Oh, I can so relate. Blogging does

wonders for the nonstop floodwaters of emotional angst and

keeps your writing primed for those times when you hit

upon...something great lying within. Good luck dear, and

keep the faith of the writer "Write like there is no

tomoorow or at least 7000 words a day, or whichever comes

first" (little joke for the morale (a lot of that going

Dear "Ed": Do not give up hope, sweet "Ed Iam a poet".

Likewise, as a prosey poet, I too, have felt the wrath of

ignorance. Remember that ignorance is bliss. Who needs

them? You have the heart of a poet when all he publisher's

hearts as as stone cold soup. Who'd you rather be, really?

Rich in the pocketbook, or rich of spirit? If you'd like,

we could collaborate and make a fine publishing house of

cards (like us) poets all united in riches within and

without and in our pocketbook. Talent is often debased as

it is not understood, because you cannot teach a wall to

cry. I feel for you man. :)jajo---

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  1. Please understand, what I mean by "Writer's Heart of Darkness" is what Edgar Allan Poe refers to as "The Telltale Heart". Our emotions do not lie, unless we are really messed up. In that case; time to see a headshrink. Emotions tell us, as does our intuition; the instinctive right from wrong; usually. Think of it this way; the hollow earth. The hollow man. We are both substance 9eg 3D and hollow) we must come to terms with this and what better way than to talk out the darkness via blog writing, whatever? So, in this way all writers have a heart of darkness which is truly at the core of their creative self. It is the fact we are not completely whole yet, having a half/half, yingyang relatonship with "all this" life...we are inevitably searching for this wholeness or quality of oneness with the whatever you take as your divinity. You may have not found or even desire to search for your unification. I think this is important however. Discussions to follow on this topic of the Hollow Men later...ok! tatalatatertots jajo chiccoreal "it's getting realer all the time" or wierder?