Sunday, April 5, 2009

One Mindedness Versus Diversification of Thought

One Mindedness Versus Diversification of Thought

It occurred to me this morning, as I awoke on this Sunday a.m. that much of the world's thinking pattern is the precursor to predetermination of events and happenings. In other words, the way we think determines the final outcome.

As I was tossing and turning in bed before the morning stretch, thinking I could turn over one more time for a few more minutes shut-eye, I had this thought pop into my head, and thought, "where's my computer, I want to get this down as soon as possible". Often times I forget these quicky thoughts before I have time to jot them down, unfortunately. However, I am more able to remember these many thoughts of the menopausal mind before they poof into the poofter space of where the heck do these thoughts go anyway. The forgotten thoughts probably resurface later if they are important enough, or so I hope they will. Depending on the work-load of course, which has been extreme to say the least of late.

Back to topic, (which is not easy lately for some reason...can anyone say the "M" word?), ok..., the thing is this...One Mindedness. What is One Mindedness? To me, one mindedness is the ability to "take charge" and to make "things happen". One mindedness is good but it must be tempered with diversification of thought in order to allow all possible and diverse thoughts outside of the realm of usual thought for the best and most creative thinking mind.

In other words, One Mindedness can get claustrophobic. I have always hoped I would find a collective of thinkers, artists, etc., to help me when I feel less than creative. To give me an impetus, a push, or shove in the right direction. You know the feeling, when you are stalled or plain pushing up blank daisies and you forget "hey, I'm alive!". This is what I thought art schools (and any creative endeavours) should be about, anyway.

It was always a thought of mine that we should be more like a collective of artists pursuing goals, rapping, thinking, pursuing, etc. etc. If you notice how art studios, such as Disney or Pixel, or any theatre company handles divergent interest in creative thought. Of course, creative thought must be narrowed, streamlined. There are just too many divergent thoughts coming in, and if we are to get anything done at all, creatively speaking, we have to approach slowly, and carefully and sometimes we must edit out a lot of what we thought we wanted in the project, what ever creative project that may be.

For example; today, I had this vision flash of a greek god, I think Zeus, who's head was turned. It certainly did look a lot like a Michangelo Sistine Chapel image of Zeus.Zeus' eyes were electronically pointed on the earth and I thought "wow if only I could paint this right now!". No paint. Only my memory vision to recall later this amazing image. Then I think; "Is this my style?". Do I want to be known as another Michangelo, really?". Well, duh, Yes! But how am I going to say this is my definite style if my style is Psychedelic Paisley of late? Now do you see where I am going with this? It is all about: personal style.

I did have an epithany today, I almost forgot again what it was! Oh yes, not about "ass" as my husband has been thinking lately. No, it was about....oh geesh...oh crap...I really did forget. F....mmmmmmm!

Oh yes, my style epithany! My son was "redecorating" the chalet for his girlfriend was coming up from the big city for his birthday. Of course the young Romeo wanted to make a positive "impression" on the gf. HOwever, due to undue clutter from a winter of cluttering and being basically lazy as heck about the finer things like spending overt time cleaning, rearranging and making pretty, I must admit, I let myself "go". Maybe I was pursuing unreal dreams such as becoming a "writer" and I knew it would take optimal time to pursue. Something has got to give. In my case it was the housework.

Not to say I am a horribly slobby person, but I figure; what the heck? Who is coming to dinner? Really, we are some what socially isolated living so far from the beaten trail as far as our remote location. Of course I lie. I just don't have that many friends. I prefer it that way. I get work done. No I lie again. I love friends and live for friends. Unfortunately, my dog who is from the pound is less than hospitable, having been mistreated as a pup. When we got Bear we was so skinny and has always been a barky, agressive beast. I thought he was going to have the typical nature of a lab, friendly. Not to be. Bear was left for weeks in a basement. He has a very difficult time letting people leave as well as letting them into the home.
Bear, who I thought was a lab, is now, I found out a mix breed, with Belgian shepherd, which makes him very attractive, but extremely protective of his clan.
Bear must take a hike to the basement whenever guests arrive and this is a problem because he continues to bark and bark and be the beastly dog he was made to be. There is not much training I can think of that would ever make him a pleasant and peaceful dog. I dare any dog whisperer to try!

Back to topic; the Mindfulness of One mindedness. Purpose. Fufillment. Destiny. Power. At what cost? We always have to give up all those other things for the sole purposeful thing. We can do this. It is just a matter of time. If I am determine enough, I will be predestined for greatness. Well in mind mind anyway. If not, I can always figure out I have a Plan B waiting in the wings.

How do I find this "special purpose" to quote Steve Martin in "Deadmen Don't Wear Plaid". Of course we have special purpose. I believe each one of us is predestined to greatness. We just have to find out where it is located. So where is your special purpose located? What is a special purpose? It is not, repeat not, exactly like the Steve Martin movie, which means "having sex". Special purpose in this instance means doing something great that only you are meant to do.

So what do you have to do to find your special purpose? It does help to meditate or pray about it. Anything which can give you an incentive to understanding who, exactly you are, what exactly you can do. It helps to take up various things and to try different things. To find out exactly what it is you like and what subject you have your hidden talents.

For myself, I have always found I have done very well in the visual arts field. However, I do not claim to be Picasso. However, if you want to call me that, great. All I know is that this is what I want to do it. I dont question the aftermath. It is the process that is important. It is a growing, changing, evolving process, never-ending. This is really good. It is wonderful to think; nothing is complete; everything changes. It is good to remember this when in the creative process. You do not become "hung up" with completing things. You will know, instinctively when you are completed doing a creative endeavour. It will feel complete.

As I have drifted into writing from being a visual artist, I have found it much easier to carry over what I have learned in the visual arts field to the writing field. The cross-over has allowed me to take risks and to pursue my creative endeavours. The endeavours have included multi-media to be multi-creative. For me, multi-media has always worked best for me. It seems I get stuck in a creative rut when I limit myself to one or two medias. (mediae?). Well, anyway, it is good to find myself again in the mini-storms around me; where others have always come first and I have thrown myself to the windstrom of other's beck and call. Yes, being creative is not just a hobby for me, it is a requirement of my sanity. It is like this; I will find the true me or admit I am a mother-drone. What will it be? My individal demands I become a full person, usually at any cost. Why? Is this artist? Predetermined? Nazi? Gosh I hope not. It would be a horrible thing to be a reincarnation of Hitler. I strive to be personable,but have this incessant need to find myself. I suppose everyone struggles with this. I do think it is more extreme in my case, without the "smooth-flow" of changing patterns of evolvement. My creative self screams to be known, to be noticed, to make the world what I think it should be. However, I will not let the little "Hitler" in me screw up my happiness. In other words, no little, single-minded or determined one-mindedness thinking, of the left brain will evade my creative species. I will make sure that I attach importance to the multiplicity of the uniqueness of sharing thoughts and feelings with others in the diversification of thought to make this a better world for all. It is sharing of mind, body and spirit; allowing for the walls of predetermined one mindedness to slack off and release its hold, allowing for a more natural flow. A natural flow that may have been, through excess steroids or whatever, diminished in the past. Today we are aware of these mind-thought patterns and can control how the one mindedness of predeterminism can create a paranoid world which does not create. It may be good, however, to get things done. Maybe it would be a good idea to strive for a balance in these two very divergent ways of thinking and being. Creativity demands this way of being, as does our futures. Let's work together to be more creative, to have fun, sharing, and then we can say; "we not Hitler's after all"!

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