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Resilient Leadership: How The Mind is Made Powerful

How to train the brain to be stronger, faster, best and brightest? Resiliency Training! Retraining the brain from a negative default takes work but it can be mastered. How does one retrain the brain to become successful?

To examine how resiliency training would propel the brain, the body, the whole individual to success and it's ultimate being a complete a positive being. Training takes much work but the results work to create a renewed sense of being in the moment with arsenal to fend the worse case scenarios; the mind's sneaky way it tends to hope on the negative train bandwidth. How many times have I wanted to be positive, how many times have I been defeated in my attempts at creating a continual state of positiveness in all I am? Self-examination as to how this mechanism function would do much to see how old patterns are set, and how the dismantling of this concept could be established. Essentially, Resiliency Training is a study in the power of positive possibilities.

Through the years I have lost a lot of self-confidence from repeated negative experiences and their subsequent input. As in receiving much negative feedback I am sure I am the instigator of much negative feedback to others in the past. For this I am truly sorry having allowed myself to fall into the trap of being negative. It was so easy to be negative when that is all I had received, and like a never-ending buffet table of negative, this is what I consumed and regurgitated. Not a pretty picture, and one I want to change as soon as possible (asap).

Was it the negative feedback or the way I processed the negative feedback in my brain that created the negative results in my life? It is like asking what came first the chicken or the egg? It is a question that is not as important as asking "how can I turn it around and really be the positive person I know I really am, but for some reason, have not been or cannot be because of my negative default"?

Processing massive amounts of negative feedback amasses negative energy. As life serves up volumous amounts of negative the mind shuts down and/or changes with catastrophically negative effects. These detrimental can negatively effects the individual's ability to function, such as post tramautic stress, etc. The individual looses the self-confidence necessary to become successful. How can resiliency training return the positive person to the helm? Can the self be reintergrated, reestablished into a cohesive and positively-charged personality, a true sense of self living completely balanced in all aspects? RT identifies and strengthens key values, once strengths are established, all the negative aspects of the person disappear because the individual strengths become the dominant force in the individual. This is the "feel good", workable plan for success?

Examining what success means to me and how I can integrate a successful role model into my life would be a great start. What does success mean to me? Basically, to me, success means happiness. Success may mean something different to you, that is ok, I can respect your inherent and intrinsically positive and self-actualized and integrated individual. All I ever wanted was to be soulfully happy. That is all I want for you as well. Like you, I want to have an overabundance of real happiness in my life. It is important to me to be true, real and honest with myself; I dont want to feel that I am just going through the motions of life, lying to my true integral self or that I am just smiling a fake smile to minimize my pain. To some extent, life is a pain, we live on the planet pain and we must deal adequately with all types of pain, emotion, physical, spiritual.

Yes, I want to be able to convince others I am truly happy within my sacred self. Once I am successful I can only give from the abundance of my life to others. All I ever really wanted, what my soul cries for each and every day is to have knowledge of sincere happiness in my heart, mind, soul and body. If we are only covering up pain, and not truly dispensing once and for all the poison in our lives; the seething hidden subconsious will battle with the conscious mind demanding truth. The ID only knows truth. This battle waged in the world today is destroying the world. The human psyche must know truth. Without truth in our lives we are all soulfully lost.

Yes, I want a sincere and lasting happiness for all humankind. Without it life to me is not worth living. Sincere happiness comes from the fact that the soul knows how to find the truths in this world. The soul imprints all that is here. The repercussions of what we do now effects future generations. Inprinted on the dna, the rna unravels generations of pain if that is what we imprinted in the beginning. We must reset the default mode of our brains.

Yes, it would, indeed, be absolutely lovely to invade others lives making their lives, their world sincerely happy too. No fake stuff. No temporary fix for lasting happiness either. The kind of love I want is of the sincere kind of long lasting, never-ending like a fairy tale but better, real eternal HAPPINESS. Perhaps my wanting this truth makes me very vulnerable to any type of pain that should be created. How would I remedy my reliance on my soul's need for the truth but never finding it? There is one way to do this, to reestablish the positive effect to make the truth become evident. The truth will never become evident when it is buried under pain and hurt. The human is very sensitive and recoils when in pain. Replacing the pain with positive action, with a knowing of what to do in all instances will allow the lotus flower to bloom; for the world to know truth and to live truth.

To be truly successful in life takes a workable plan. Life is not a cruel game or worse, a lie, we cannot be defeated simply because we do not know how to get on the positive track. It takes skill to know how to not let life defeat the soul. Once I realized this, I became energized knowing I will be successful. By simply saying "I AM SUCCESSFUL" I become that which I say, I reprogram my brain. The ID knows nothing about time. It is always about the moment. The Zen part of the brain. The entity. A funny, me but not me creature that holds the keys to the universe.

Yes, I am wholly satisfied knowing I did it, I achieved my "brand" of success; real happiness I will go to my grave with a knowing smile. Anyone and everyone should try resiliency training. If I am missing out on success because of a negative reinforced childhood memory maybe I could or would or should improve dramatically with Resiliency Training. Please realize, I am not naive, I have been through the mire of self-doubt and recrimination, I am certain this nagging doubt continues to rob people of their rightful place in society. We have all had to fight our demons. How can one battle demons when they do not have a sword to slay the dragon? How can we be successful when our souls are being consumed by a negative vacuum? Sincerely I am praying that RT works!

Hopefully, with Resiliency Training, I have not only fooled my negative default system but I have completely overridden my negative default system and replaced it with a positive default system. Now wholly functional I am successful in all aspects of my life. Rt is wholly adequate for me and I am thankful I have lucked into this concept.

With Resiliency Training, I am now a reborn positive person, able to bear any mantle that life should make me wear. Now instead of more negative in my life, an overflow of positive abundance is coming my way. It is really all a mind-set. RT is a great way for the world to achieve this successful antidote to the negative; true and lasting and meaningful happiness. Today I will start with turning around the negatives in my life, I will tell you how I do this later. A famous smile won't hurt either!

As a mother I am a natural-born leader. Take it or leave it. Coming from, what can be described as, a horribly negative life experience. Will I let all the negative input effect my person, my intregrity, my soul? No way Jose. I am bettet than any crap I can be dealt. I am talking life is a crap game, and at times, through my negative, self-imposed filters, it has been a lie. Up until now!

When one becomes resilient all the negatice "details" that life can deal is easily removed and like the "teflon don" it just rolls off my back and into the gutter where it belongs. I am never again going to take negative shit personally. I am going to learn how to be more resilient and allow myself to be my optimum self and wholly successful.

To understand resiliency training one has to understand the meaning of self and success. What does success mean to you? Is it that cushy corner office with CEO on the door shingle? Do you have a traditional concept of success? Perhaps success to you means the mansion in the Hampsteads or the foreign sportscar, or the Carribean vacation?

When one measures success they must be careful not to let the outside world influence or gauge their internal soul. The individual must arrive at their own concept of success. They must examine their deepest soul to find the true meaning of life. The soul is only going to be resilient when it feels that this measure of success is "true". Do not underestimate the soul's potential! Success to the soul is entirely different than it is to the world. The world, although it must be integrated and filtered, it is necessary to embrass. As the world does become more resilient too, as we all learn how to master what may be the negative as a self-fufilling prophesy.

With resilency training we will have the tools which are necessary to "trim the sails" and "retrain the brain" into the positive way of thinking. Our reactions to the process will depend on what kind of hold the negative has on our lives. Do we really want the negative to win? We know this is a battle, but it is certainly one we can win, with the right positive attitude that comes from rigorous training processes. We must eliminate the negative in our lives by turning all negatives into a positive. It is a mindset.

Retraining the way it should go, in all positive reinforcement is a secure feeling. It is so much more than seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. It is like this; instead of becoming upset, in a crisis type rage because that 'lousey' car is not starting in the dead of winter, and you have a major meeting, remember, it is a life lesson. You can learn from this. You can 'fix' the problem so there is no future recurrence of this problem. This is good. This is positive. This can be applied to all life problems. It is a successful application to living, Resiliency Training, I can imagine.

Let's analyze why a negative event occurred and change it, through our conscious actions, to a positive event now and in the future. Perhaps through our own inattentiveness and neglect we were not attentive enough to the details to make life flow. Life can only flow when we are in charge, when we have preplanned all details, and then the flow takes care of itself. This is not to say there wont be those "moments". Those will always be there, but most if not all will be eliminated, allowing the free flow of positive energy to flow abundantly through our lives.

In other words, we will know how to deal with the negative and how it impacts our life. We will recognize it and make a plan for it's elimination. Not that we are ignoring the negative, we can address the negative and successfully deal with all of it's dimensions.

Since a plethora of negative influences, wherever they should originate really have no place in our lives. We must make a plan. A successful plan that works so that the positive vibes flow more. It is simple yet complex at the same time and takes much focus. The all powerful resiliency trained mind will know automatically how to put the negative in it's place. Once the trained resilent brain can eliminate the stress the brain is able to focus on the positive aspects of a fufilled and successful life. It really is simple, but it takes reinforcement and focus. Not impossible, just a bit of being able to stick with the program to achieve any measure of success in resiliency training.

Remember the world does not operate in the way the resilient ones should go. The world really needs resiliency training, a powerhouse of direct determination and purposefulness.It may be as simple as turning a negative into a positive. Instead of saying "Oh my arm is hurting today, simply say "Oh I am glad my arm is hurting, now I can make it better, make it stronger." Always look at the positive aspect in all negativity, and like the power of attraction; all negative now turns positive. A miracle? You bet!

As I begin my study, I realise that I am not a corporate leader. I am a mom. I havent got all the "right stuff" or do I? Even though I feel wholly inadequate, I may have the "right stuff" at the "right time" to determine the outcome of something vital to history! Isnt that mind blowing? A simple person such as myself has so much potential, like that rock, that I could ultimately, and like the Lawn Mower Man hold power court? Impossible you say! Wait a minute...

We all start out as a single cell and then are zygoted into being with the first seed. As we grow from one cell to two, to four, and so on and so on, we finally develop into what is a wholly miraculous being; the human being.

As I look back and see my development potential, as a human, we really all have the same potential. So why does one person succeed so fantastically while the other non-resiliency trained individual is a failure? Why does one person always struggle with being a positive self-accuatated being of light and love? It is the mind-set. We must find the positive in all negative. We must find a way around the negative and come out on top of the heap and in control of the heap. You may ask so Why can't I, as a mom, be Superman or Superwoman, or some powerful being? You can, you are a super being. All the positive influence will retrain your brain and the reset is now positive, and sincerely positive, no questions asked!

First of all, is this what I want? Do I really want to be Superman or Superwoman? I already am Super! I dont need anyone to tell me I am not Super or I am not this or that, or that I will never amount to anything! As the flood of negative archived feeds flood back into the conscious from the unconsicous where they have been stored like memory chips, we have to say to this negative memory "get thee to the bargain basement, you are not worthy of my positive being. I am master over any negative thoughts. I am in total command of any negative thoughts. They were old memories form years ago when someone gave me a negative world. But my world is now positive, my world will not allow for any repeating negative thoughts or patterns. I recognized them, and by recognizing them, I eliminate them into the ether, gone forever, never to return. Phew, this does take work, but it is worth it!

Positive reinforement; you remember this from studying BF Skinner and others in the field of Behavioural Science. The first experiments with Pavlovs dogs, those drooling dogs that drooled when no food was there, only the ringing of a bell caused them to remember their reinforced training to drool. We are drooling too. We are hoping that the positive bell that rings will bring forth more than drool but positive action and thoughts. This can be done. It will and must be done to help all of us achieve the best we can be as positive individuals.

I am something! I am divine. I was put on this earth for a purpose. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. This purpose is mysterious, and hidden at times, but the reason I am here is to bring love and light to this planet because that is what I am; a light being full of love that wants to share with my fellow human beings. This is my destiny. This is my purpose.

Now that I have success and purpose in my life and all negatives are eliminated or changed into a positive, I can out of the way all that energy it took process the negative. What a waste of energy and life. How much of my life have I lost from negative down-time? As I have had to work very deligently on how to reclaim my positive light filled self from the briney depths of negative wasteland. From the ashes the phoenix to rise again to spectacular worth of being and of never-ending love secured for infiinity.

Seriously, I know this is going to take work. This is an outstanding issue that I have been dealing with for most of my life. I am sure most can relate to this, if not, it may help for the future, in case anything untowards should happen to you as well. Yes, it is going to take much aggregate to bury the re-surfacing dead emotions that came from a negative space which I shall never claim. These negative emotions do a body absolutely no good whatsoever. It is time all negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions were removed from the human experience. We know this is to our minds now, before the training, somewhat impossible. However, if we cannot conceive of the complete neglation (negating the negative completely) we must try to turn those negatives into a positive. This is a start and doable before the intensive resiliency training.

In order to recognize all the negative imput on the individual and its effect, some major work has to be done. Actualizing the old pain, understanding amd working through and eliminating these negative energies that suck the soul-life right out of a person. How do we recognize the influence the negative input has in our lives. There are many ways. One way, and one of the easiest is to start a journal and write down feelings. Meditaion also helps to understand the self and how the self feeds on either the positive or negative of life. There are many methods, and some are very technical, these techniques are a fast way to understanding the self and how the self has been influenced to a negative effect by negative input from self and/or others.

Meditaiton will help with the rejuuvenation of the soul. Understanding the hurt that has been done to the inner child, how to heal the emotions. How the mind formulated the negative concepts and hid them away in the innermost recesses of the unconscious mind. How did these negative concepts filter through to the conscious mind from time to time when the stress they were causing created an "event" or "crisis"? How the negative concepts originally developed and how to successfully work through the negative and into the positive where the successful individuals, all individuals belong and should remain with the corrective training of resiliency training.

The strengthening of the body to it's maximum potential will also bring the mind into an acceptance and love of self. To make the mind feel it is successful wipes out the impact of the previous negative concept formulations. The mind is, in fact although there are limits, mostly geared towards positive outcomes. As we are often self-imposed or limits in this world, the universe is definitely unlimited. The potential of the positiveness we can learn when new vistas open up and the "limit" becomes "unlimited".

When the mind can actually experience the positive in the individuals life. The need to not falsely feel successful such as the compulsion the untrained brain has for swank and bling, the so called "rewards" of our society. We need to feel that life has given us much more than mere physical goods. The world, the universe should shape our soul by making us stronger, more able, more successful. Real success is not the kind the drug store sells, it is untouchable, uncompromised crystaline dream of self as the perfected being all we imagine we can be, and more.

There is only one thing certain in this world and that it change. Like life, we as humans are ever changing, rearranging, yearning and striving to be the best we can be. The intention is good but without the means, nothing usually happens because the brain needs an overhaul, much like a car that has failed to turn over. We need the tools to get up the rungs of successful living. We need the blueprint or plan to success. Resiliency Training has these plans the tools to make the best possible outcome for the individual struggling with self-concept and need for more positive input in their lives.

As we live in the moment of positive regeneration, where all negative "garbage" is thrown out of our minds bodies and souls we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel realizing that end has a purpose as we bring our positively charged beings to the very end. We can say we've not only endured life, but we made it better, we fufilled our destiny, our "raison d'etre" we are only then successful. Our positive filled drive is now our goal, when you succeed we all succeed so we must make all people successful. No more condemation of others, no more fault finding or nit picking, just, unconditional love and acceptance which promotes those new positive filled to capacity concept of self and others. Then we are free to truly be successful when we are truly ourselves and claim our ownership to ourselves. No more rejection, no more broken dreams. Just positive flow and positive return from that flow. The flow that defies all description but just "is". Light filled love of positive charge, happiness, love, concepts that are ends in themselves.

Isn't this greater and much more powerful than any negative garbage (that's a better word) out there Yes, I am being to breath in all the recharged energy, the fresh air of positive and new experiences today. It takes courage to be consistently positive but I am going to keep repeating; I AM A POSITIVE LIGHT FILLED BEING OF LOVE AND LIGHT. I HAVE AN OVERABUNDANCE OF LOVE AS WITHIN EVER MOLECULE OF MY BEING I AM STRONG. I AM DIVINE. I AM UNDEFEATED. I AM POSITIVE BEING. I HAVE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL TO LOVE AND BRING OTHERS LOVE. I MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN AND IT IS SPREADING LIKE A VIRUS, MY POSITIVE LIGHT-FILLED BEING OF LOVE IS INVADING THE UNIVERSE!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!(you can make up what absolutely charges your positive light-filled soul, it gets personal!)

Success to me is happiness and that feeling that does not go away, that keeps on promoitng the best in me. Sometimes, when I have to go through the "details" of life, which can be overwhelming, ok, the "details" of life, the negative, the chaos part of life, I get overwhelmed. I know we all get overwhelmed by the negative at times, but even in life's sometimes negative times, we can emerge victorous.

The negatives in life, as we work through them, do make us stronger as we come out the other end knowing that we have defeated all negative impacts on our lives. And how do we do this? By smiling in the face of disenchantment. By having a mindset which always says and knowws beyond knowing that "I can do it". I have already accomplished it. A "fait complete" a "consume est". It is finished it is done like dinner Yes, I am a success before any negative thoughts, feelings, or things tried to negate my soul! Luckily, I have a wonderful default system which is all-pervasive, and more persuasively powerful than any known thing.

As I am stamped in the dna 'SUCCESS'! Stripes may bear the witness to my pain but I have conquered pain. I am more powerful than pain, I am better than anything life can throw at me, as I am aware life does create a lot of negative stress but I either change it if it can be changed or eliminate it if it can be eliminated. Negativity has no power over me any longer. With my new and improved resilient self I am able and in control. As I am always on top, the leader, the creator of my destiny because I have power over my destiny. My life has given me this official ordinance. I am powerful because I am. i am a winner because I am positive and thereby successful in every meaning and importance these words mean to me. I am a wonderful individual.

I am loved, I am embraced and I love and embrace the world in turn, making it a better place, gracing the world with my existence. When I tell myself this over and over it sinks in, and I truly believe all the positive reinforcements and I become powerful and share my success with others willingly and happily, as others success makes me fufilled and ultimately I can then say, I am a success! Etched in stone, I Love me, all that I am and all that I do. As I wish you every success in your future endeavours. Remember; your success in life is like the sword in the stone; it is permanent. Your positive beingness impresses me and makes me want to be all that I can be. Little ol' me. As an invincible conquerer, a stellar being of positive flow I have so much to give!



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