Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jane On Critism (Constructive)

Dr. Dheena: Correct! Critism is valuable when it is constructive. Thinking empathetically will lessen the sting of critism when it is tempered with love. Having had art critqued can make a person immune to critism's sting. Art is very personal and when someone says "I dont like the colour of paint or the subject matter", one can get highly offended and close down emotionally. We learned how not to attack the person and learned how to focus on the subject at hand. As well, a polite discussion on critism is expected, otherwise it is an affront to the person. I almost expect critism now! I am a Virgo too, and tend to over-analyze and over-critize everything. I must be careful not to hurt feelings by being more sensitve to the feelings of others. But allowing the case for over-sensitivity to stop any form of critism would be counterproductive. We have to learn the difference between a personal attack or meaningful constructive critism. There is a HUGE difference!

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