Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who Nutures their Inner Child each day and how do you do that?

The Inner Child

It is a place where one is safe knowing the unconditional love is always there for them. It is a safe place because it is the self before the program of this consciousness. As souls descend into finite being the Inner Child is the soul. The soul knows the beginning from the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the wisdom of the ages before time began. Eternal the Inner Child. How do we nuture the inner child you ask?

To nuture and heal the Inner Child one must find that place in the self where the Inner Child exists. Many have chosen deliberately or unconsiously to lock away the Inner Child, due to fear or ignorance. Yet the Inner Child is the Creative Mind, the Healer, The Divinity Within. In order to find that source of your Divine Self you must delve into the soul. You ask How? How do we find the Inner Child after years of neglecting the soul, the source of the universe.

In this world it is easy to forget our humble yet awesome beginnings. We are stardust! Yes, we are magical pixie dust! We can choose to spread around the love we were given from the Divine or choose to store it up inside, hiding and killing eventually the very thing we are meant to be; a forever child of the Divine's.

As we find our Inner Child, by calling him or her out of the dark recesses of the brain inner sanctum where it has always resided. Your Inner Child has been waiting behind your adult self, peering from your eyes, just behind and to the left of the twinkle in the eyes. The spirit of the Inner Child is free, loving, kind, generous, playfull, innocent. There are many other descriptions of the Inner Child, but for now we now the Inner Child wants to play and live and enjoy life to its maximum pleasureable love and happiness.

If someone says to you "you are being childish" you could be misunderstood when you ask the child into your life again, requiring the intuitive knowing of wisdom to evade your world. Don't forget Albert Einstein stated that Imagination or Creativity was more important than knowledge. This is due to the fact that all knowledge has all ready existed in the form of wisdom. You dont believe me. Let me prove my statement. For many eons, countless generations have bwen built and rebuilt, torn down only to be built back up brand new. Only some relics are left behind for architechs to understand the civilizations that came before.

In our world today we are building up or civilization with the knowledge that has existed in other civilizations. These civilizations were as advanced or moreso by all accounts. If this is the case we could be less intelligent than other civilizations due to the horrible pollution, the sun going through an active phase causing much radiation and damage to the precious dna link to our past. All life events are recorded on the dna, and dna and rna are endless in their continuity.

So we are forever. Our dna states this. Our weak bodies will transmute, transform, be reborn and shed the skin, the crysalis form of the human butterfly. We will re-emerge in our soul bodies, knowing all we have learned here stored on the soul's dna, wherever that may be or what it is. Perhaps a Mother Cell Soul God? We want to believe we are eternal that all this here is not a waste of time.

The Inner Childs continual happiness proves that they know this world is safe because they know their souls are eternal. The child never ceases laughing, enjoying, living for the moment, being completely in the here and now.

All of need to find our long lost Inner Child. We need to be happy again, to live sponaneously with joy and happiness. With a knowing and a wisdom which passeth all understanding of the Divine that we are and for ever more shall be. Namaste friends! jajo

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