Saturday, May 8, 2010

Music of the Spheres' Purposeful Meaning

Getting lost in the dovetailed details
missing the obvious slow as snails
what will it take to make me wise
how to bring light to my dead eyes?

As something untowards emerges
something huge something regurges
as always caught in a trap held captive
to find a way to get out; a cure; a selective

someday hoping beyond hope; pining away
an uncommon faith in things unseen by day
the promise of spring; life and death to mesh
the impossible missing dream soon made flesh

languishing for hours; in nonchalant repose
looking all over town; waiting for who knows
a golden inpirational books to fall immediately open
everything to all make sense one fine day; here's hoping

trivial pursuits and that meaningful overripe tripe
important matters stare me down; much unnecessary hype
focused and magnified sentiment many times over
where will i go to find my endless and eternal lover?

Wallowing in pity knowing not in the all day mire
wonder just how it is time has not transpired
look deeply into truth's hidden and long buried recesses
could be suffering comes once there are too many excesses

with all and without lull
within and with fine wherewithall
whether or not it works out
standfast standby standtall
worse thing one could do is fall

Look up look down look around
find the time to hear the sound
in the Key of G intonate the body mind and soul
free the spaces between the bell's silent tolls

as pure energy your soul's spirit to commit
in worlds past perfection; daring Eden's wit
though separation at times tis, a far better thing
listen to the sound of the spheres' freedom to sing


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