Friday, May 7, 2010

Magpie #13 Ode To An Eyeball

Ode to An Eyeball by I.C.You-2

Oh how I so very often yearn
in this world that slowly turns
to do it like Elvis; do it my way
as an eyeball do I really have a say?

Ouch! Dust in my eyeball
Rolling around down the hall
a blue marble eye for a porcelain doll
what a near miss, what a close call!

As I look up from the ground
A Foot! All dressed going to town
Not noticing me as he almost made a stomp
to squish my eye, to him, a simple romp

Phew he missed me! I am save once more!
like a twai kwon do artist with sword
my defence has always been knowing ahead
every subtle move of every booted tread

Luckily another saved by the bell
The foot found another way down the hall
Maybe I should take a French class emersion
Le raison d'etre; a subtle diversion

If I could make a wish
I would dodge another squish
Only to look up; another fine mess
Jonathan L. Seagull; a bird no less

to cover me in turf
birdie birdie by the surf
way up in the far away sky
don't you know that I's don't fly

why oh why I said with a sigh
now I have to flush again my little eye?
do you know how happy am I?
I'm sure glad that cows don't fly!



  1. Calling all eyeballs!!! and lovers of eyeballs!!! and peeper afficianados!!! Please go to Magpie Tales and find out more about their unique stories (all eyeballs and writers welcomed)

  2. You made this little eyeball come to rollicking life ~ great Magpie.

  3. Jane, Jane, Jane - what shall we do with you? No, seriously, that was a good Maggie poem!

  4. an excellent example of personification and making the story come alive! :)

  5. ha. fun magpie...the life as an out for the mud, thought the rain must feel nice. smiles.

  6. I love this poem -- it rolls so nicely "down the hall" -- and I am sure glad too - that "cows don't fly. This was a witty clever in a class of its own - kind of magpie piece.


  7. ah, this was so fun! i remember the poem from my childhood that you used towards the end of your magpie! your post is so well written, very descriptive, so much humor! so glad i stopped by today to enjoy it :)

  8. As I look up from the ground...

    This is too cute. Yeah, good things cows aren't in the sky...except in tornadoes. Thanks for the giggles, Jane!

  9. Funny - dust in my eyeball is one of many fine visuals in this. What a giggle.

  10. why oh why I said with a sigh
    now I have to flush again my little eye?
    do you know how happy am I?
    I'm sure glad that cows don't fly!

    it is an exciting and enjoyable read...
    very beautifully done.
    love the rhymes!